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baru berjinak jinak dalam lebah. rasanya lebah ni apps yg cool lah kannn but lama sikit baru sedar pehh dm dia tak boleh delete atau buang. lekk kau rasa ? apps yang sgt ganjil sbb tiada button delete hakhak tuihh haha. please wujudkan button delete. payah nak buang dm yang tak perlukan lagi. LEBAH - SWARM 

i like to watch video like tutorial in shawl,makeup,eyebrow and all types that being related with it. i did not use any makeup but i like to watch it and i did know why hahaha

i like to singing and i like to dancing. daaaa

cuti sem bermula gaisss. niat nak membusuk dekat rumah hahaha tapi mommy ask me to work with her lol erghh oh god. mommy say if you want mommy go for work but if dont want a money there you go just stay at home and i will list all routine that you need to do at home. WHAT ! lolsss OKAY I CHOOSE WORK  hahaha

goodluck to all my girl and friends for our finals :)

Wish me luck for my finals :)

The best ever raya with family. Raya2015.The big family ever :)

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