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When we bought our current house three years ago, we inherited the mail order subscriptions of the previous owners. And try as we might to stop the monthly flow of clothes catalogues, we are still regularly inundated with bizarre fashion magazines.
None, however, reached the heights of the latest arrival.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you THE fashion statement of Fall 2012:

And when you've finished laughing, check out the prices -- these guys are serious! The lederhosen alone cost 250 euros!
And for the ladies ... I'm sorry to say that I've already thrown out the issue with the Bavarian hunting smock with felt cap and falcon feathers, but this is still pretty ... amaaaazing:

Snoods are back!
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Practical product placement at our local drugstore. I'm curious to see if they offer a crossover deal, such as "Buy one vibrator with lubricant and get a free pregnancy kit".

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6pm Friday, Amsterdam
Friday evening in Amsterdam

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Friday evening in Amsterdam

When is it time to quit for the night?

"You are about to close 47 tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?"

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Quincy, where are you?

Not Mr Jones, but rather the podcaster responsible for a series of excellent jazz and latin mixes in the early noughties. While trying to work on a lengthy translation this evening, I kept stopping to marvel at the selection of tracks in the Brasil mix: Tamba Trio, Mario Castro Neves, Elis Regina, the list goes on (see playlist below).

I thought to updates my archives and add the podcast to Media Monkey, but I couldn't find any live trace of the podcasts. The person responsible, Anthony, according to comments left on the still grooving Bending Corners, has apparently moved on to other things.

Still, I'd like to take a moment to salute Anthony, and other podcast mixers for their love of great music, and their gift of sharing it with others.

*The dream list

Quincy Essential - Brasil*

01 Tamba Trio - Reza
(from 'Samba Slim' 1999 / Universal/Verve)
02 Dom Um Romao - Amor En Jacuma
(from 'Hotmosphere' 1976 / Pablo)
03 Silvio Cesar - A Festa
(from 'Som E Palavras' 1977 / Victor)
04 Jorge Ben - Bizantina Bizancia
(from 'Sensual' 1984 / Som Livre)
05 Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A. - Candomble
(from 'Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A.' 1967 / BMG)
06 Azimuth - Melo Dos Dois Bicudos
(from 'Azimuth' 1975 / Som Livre)
07 Augustin Pereyra Lucena Quartet - La Rana
(from 'Modo Bossa Tres' 2003 / Premier)
08 Grupo Veneno - Guarana Guaranar
(from 'Jazz Toys' 2006 / Perfect Toy)
09 Celia - Zozoio
(from 'Celia' 1971 / Continental)
10 Elis Regina - Corrida De Jangada
(from 'Elis Revisitada' 2005 / Dubas Musica)
11 Googie Rene Combo - Firebird
(from 'Firebird/Keep The Soul Baby' 7" / M Records)
12 Rosa Maria - Deixa No Deixa
((from 'Negra' 2003 / Emi)
13 Candeia - Saudacao A Toco Preto
(from 'Raiz' 1971 / Equipe)
14 Emilio Santiago - Pelo Amor De Deus
(from 'Melhor Das Aquarelas' 2005 / Indie)
15 Batida - Little Rudy's Theme
(from 'Batida' 1889 / Timeless)
16 Danilo Caymmi - Aperta Outro
(from 'Cheiro Verde' 1977 / Ana Terra)
17 Joao Gilberto - False Baiana
(from 'Joao Gilberto' 2000 / Verve)
18 Jorge Ben - Oba La Em Vela
(from 'Forca Bruta' 1970 / Philips)
19 Singers Three - Upa Neguinho
(from 'Shibuya Jazz Classics - Karou Inoue Collection (King)' 2003 / Ultra Vibe)
20 Osmar Milito - Que Bandeira
(from 'Osmar Milito E Deixa O Relogio Andar' 1971 / MPB)
21 Dee Felice Trio - Nightingale
(from 'Nightingale' 7" 1999 / Jazzman)
22 Los Brasilios - Brasilian Beat
(from 'Brasilian Beat 67' 1967 / Design Records)

More defunct playlists

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Pitfalls of Freelancing" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />Created by: <a href=""></a>

The unsustainable use of "sustainable".

Geek rapture

Honestly, what did nerdy geeks do before browser extensions and apps?

Ah yes, trainspotting.

Truly this is the time of geek rapture.

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Non-aligned movement

First HDR photo using a tripod, which means no more caffeine-induced wobbly hands and blurred photo merging.

What do you think?
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