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What’s the most dangerous animal that has ever lived?
Mosquitoes Perhaps some of you are confused whether a mosquito is an
animal or not. A mosquito is an insect, and the last time I checked, (Since I was
also curious) insects are considered animals,...

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How long could a chicken live without it's head?
About two years. On 10 September, 1945, a plump young cockerel in Fruita,
Colorado, had his head chopped of and lived. Incredibly the axe had missed the
jugular ...

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What is the biggest thing a blue whale can swallow?
A very large mushroom? No! A small family car? No! A sailor?
No! A grapefruit? Yes! Quite interestingly, a blue whale’s throat is almost exactly
the diameter as its belly button, which is about the size of a side plate. Their diet consists of tiny pink, shr...

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What is the name of the tallest mountain in the world?
As far as mountain concerned, the current convention is that
“highest” means measured from the sea level to summit: “tallest” means measured
from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Mount Eve...

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Where is the highest mountain?
It’s on Mars. The Giant volcano Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in
the solar system. It is almost 3 times the height of Mount Everest an...

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Where is the driest place on earth? Most of us think that Atacama is the driest places on Earth,
but there are parts of Antarctica that have not experienced rain for two
million years. The unique conditions in the dry valleys of...

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Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham bell?
 Read for you to know…. Antonio Meucci was the first person who demonstrated a
working model of an electric device called the “teletrofono”. He made it 5
years before Alexander Graham bell’s telephone patent. ...
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