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I am not comfortable publicizing my opinions, but I just couldn’t help keeping this one buried inside, as it indirectly affects me among many others.

“Are you ashamed of your people”, someone told me on Saturday in a rather stern tone, and before I can say a word went on to say “your people should leave this country, all we have seen from you is trouble first 9/11, now the Paris attack, then god knows what”. I impulsively wanted to throw at him my new English 1C critical thinking skills and tell him he was making an Ad Hominem as well as Hasty Generalization, not to mention the hint of a start point of a slippery slope that would keep on going with no factual conclusions reached. Instead I kept quiet, because first he was a very old man, and at the same time it deeply affected me that a grown man in his old age would make such a judgement.  

As many of you are aware, on a Friday night of November 13, many died in terrorist attack in Paris France. It was the most disturbing experience Paris has ever experienced. Many died and many more were injured. The night was undeniably a time of pain and mourning for Paris.  This was not the only homicide that happened this week. As the day of Paris attack, Lebanon held a day of mourning after the deadly Beirut suicide bombs that occurred just the day before. Many died as well and many more were injured. I deeply mourn the losses in these countries, it’s hard to imagine losing a family member or friend in such homicides. 

I can’t come to believe that there are still people out there in this century of tact and diplomacy that actually still use the art of force and killing to reach their aims in the name of justice. What also saddens me is that Muslims will get the finger pointed at and held responsible for the actions of these merciless terrorists. The whole point of my writing is to inform and say, please don’t make these kinds of judgements to Muslims. They were in the same shoes as Paris this week in Beirut. This is both a mourning period for the east and the west. 

I don’t want these kinds of judgments thrown at me, I am a student, I have my exams coming up, I am emotionally-shaken by what happened in Paris and Beirut this week and now I don’t want for some unfathomable reason have to deal with snarky comments about how I should not be in this country and how I am for some reason held accountable for the devastation's.  I am sure many more Muslims will probably be subjected to these kind of comments and will have it worse in more conservative areas.

After I went home, enflamed with anger and sadness, as well as guilt from the comment I received. I wanted to spread this drawing I pulled an all-nighter to make.  I had to burst my anger and sadness in some healthy way. I too mourn Paris and Beirut as well. It could have been me, my parents, siblings or a friend that could have been among the victims. I am thankful and grateful for the safety I take for granted, and since sadly hashtags seem to be the least I can do to support the mourning, I say #BeStrongParisAndBeirut  !
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