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Shannon Haltiwanger
Historic Preservationist and Urban Enthusiast who has memories of being a designer that loves to travel and save places that matter
Historic Preservationist and Urban Enthusiast who has memories of being a designer that loves to travel and save places that matter

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An amazing 120 year old telescope #stargazing #astronomy 
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Walked up on this beauty last night


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Yep this should be fun 
Embrace your inner history geek and join History Colorado for COmingle, our after-hours history “happenings” that include an offbeat mix of games, trivia, demonstrations, exhibit adventures, performances, and hands-on activities. Toss in a cash bar, munchies, and a whole lot of Colorado spirit and you’ve got the perfect reason to get out on a Thursday night! COmingle is a great date night or fun evening with friends.

COmingle is held on the second Thursday of every month, 6–9 p.m.

Cost is just $10 and includes admission to the History Colorado Center!

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Happy Halloween everyone! It's early but I am going to find some Hot chocolate and good haunted historic site to celebrate and listen to a good book at the same time!   #Halloween   #architect   #drawing   #chocolate   #monster  

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Great tip for all those that take pictures of architecture!
Architecture Photography Tip of the Day

Keep your verticals straight and perfectly parallel to each other. Avoid converging vertical lines at all cost. That's particularly important if an Architect commissions you for the job. He/she comes from 6-years of study at the university and one of the things they got drilled with there is architectural sketching. You'll never see converging verticals in those sketches so they expect your photos not to have them either. Remember this. It applies for interiors too.
If you can't afford to buy tilt/shift lenses which are made for this type of photography, buy the widest rectilinear lens you can afford (NO fisheye lens!!) such as Nikon 14-24mm or Canon 16-35. Shoot your scene with a tripod and tilt the camera upwards. You'll capture your whole scene and end up with converging vertical lines. Don't worry. Import the image in Lightroom or Photoshop and use distortion correction tools. Don't stop tweaking the shot until you got perfectly straight and parallel verticals.

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Some great insight thanks to +Annetta Powell 
7 Digital marketing trends to embrace NOW

1. Content marketing or content advertising?
2. Let’s get small
3. Augmented reality
4. Social influence marketing
5. Internal versus external
6. User-friendly Big Data
7. 3D printing

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This was an amazing meal! Sometimes gets great to be dating a foodie. Wait no that is most of the time. Ok no pretty much all of the time cause am do I eat good. 

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A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to learn about some original Colorado building construction at the Hands On Heritage festival. So much fun!!
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Love this compact apartment idea
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