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Christopher Crawford
In the primary goodtogo. Slaying bodies. All the time. All day.
In the primary goodtogo. Slaying bodies. All the time. All day.

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Last night I watched Jon Carter for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it has some corny acting, and yes, the script is pretty cheesy at times, but damn were those special effects AWESOME! It was a fun ride, and I think it deserves more credit than it gets.

One other thing that I was a bit disappointed with was the character Tars Tarkus (sp?). Somehow I imagined him bigger and a little more bad ass than all his peers. But when it comes to how much I really enjoyed the movie, it really doesn't matter much.

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My god... 
Work smart, not hard!!
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Trailer comes with 2 bathrooms, living area, bedrooms, conference space, kitchen, oak-wood work on the walls, seven 60-inch TV.

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Some of my favorite art is concept art for games and movies.

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I can't tell how many time's I end up coming back to this. Such a great resource. 

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I find an interesting way to deal with is to make Good & Evil translate as natural & unnatural. That way it isn't linked to moral behavior, and people who aren't "unnatural" obviously find unnatural things to be uncomfortable or unnerving. It's up to the DM to decide what is natural and unnatural in his game world, and then work with his players to establish that. 

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God my dogs are so good about showing my what the bad guys did to my house while I was gone.

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Hit the range today, and it practically made the itch worse! 
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My brand new Glock 26! Proud to be a part of #teamglock!
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