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Ike Chisholm

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A great concept with eerie parallels to many people's fears for our future. This is a good way to get out, see historical sites around your area, get outside and be active, and have a little fun in the process. Join the RESISTANCE!
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Ike Chisholm

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Colion, I love your videos on guns and gun rights. Keep on keepin' on, brother!

As for your review of the 92FS 9mm:
As a service member, I have fired the Beretta M9 9mm (which is essentially the same as the 92FS [slight differences between the two]). I have put literally thousands upon thousands of rounds through this weapon, both for military firing, and personal firing.

I bought my wife the Berretta 25th Anniversary M9 9mm pistol, because I wanted it to be as close to my service pistol as possible. Aside from it not having military markings, and the fact it came with both walnut and black pistol grips, my personal (I wound up being the ultimate firer of the one I bought my wife). 

You mention power stroking the weapon and the fact it can pinch your hand. For that, I would recommend training and practicing with it. You can still power stroke, but the method would be slightly different. I do NOT use the slide release, as if you continually do so, it would eventually wear down and no longer act to "catch" the slide when you rack it back to clear or load the weapon. Instead, I use the slide catch/release only for locking the slide to the rear, then I release by using thumb and forefinger to slightly draw back the slide and release it forward after the slide release disengages.

On trigger pull: yes, double action has a long and heavy trigger pull. For that, I say when you can, reach up with your thumb and pull back the hammer to bring the weapon into a single action state. If you have to draw the weapon for self defense, you can do this if/while you are trying to deescalate the situation. For other times where deescalation is not an option (you must fire immediately to protect yourself or others) if you have practiced with this pistol, you won't even think about the double action trigger pull...and you will be essentially just as effective with that first shot as you will with the subsequent single action shots that you may fire.

I know this video was posted a few years back, so hopefully you have found some of these things on your own or with the help of some of your fellow gun-owning friends. But if not, hopefully these tips will be useful for you to find a love-love relationship with your 92FS!!!

Ike Chisholm

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No illegal screen here. The player's back was to the opposing player, and the contact was entirely inadvertent. The official was correct in not calling a foul.
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