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Halloween Parade 2013
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Once again, what are these women doing with mortgages?  If you're 75 and living in a mobile home, and your only income is social security, you shouldn't have a mortgage.

Google, your web store SUCKS.  Maybe you should hire Amazon to build you a web store?

Steps for installing a new Adobe product where work bought me a license key:
1) Go to and download the program
2) Sign in
3) Download some Akamai bullshit
4) Wait for it to install
5) The real downloader now stars
6) Wait for the real download
7) Start the real installer
8) Enter my license key
9) Log in again to register the software
10) Wait for the real installer to run
11) Start software
12) Uninstall the Akamai bullshit

Question for the Android folks out there: How often do you use the Search button on your phone? I use the other three on a regular basis, but I almost never use the Search button.
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