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I HAVE NOW A NEW WEBSITE : My dear friends, after about four years with this KALEideaSCOPE blog, it is finally time for me to move on.  You might have noticed that I haven't been posting very often in the past months. This is due to th...

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Lion cub ZENITH
I'm very happy and proud to present my latest creation, ZENITH the lion cub! ZENITH is now on auction here: GO TO AUCTION

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FRIEDRIK the polar bear
Although my career as a soft sculpture artisan has started with making teddy bears, my desire to experiment and try new ideas has inexorably driven me towards the creation of many other animal kinds. After more that a year with no bear to show, I have final...

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Maine coon kitten XENA
I'm back from the Summer break with another cat. The inspiration to create this kitten came from my newly acquired Maine coon kitten Xena, therefore I chose to give the creation the same name. I'm very proud of this one, I especially like the coloring which...

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Welsh terrier COPERNICUS
COPERNICUS is a very sweet welsh terrier that I created right before the Summer break. I have been lazy... I realized only today that I haven't posted any pictures yet. So, please, meet Copernicus, who is now adopted and lives abroad! 

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MIST the grey wolf
I have been meaning to create a wolf for a long time now. I finally decided that the time has come now, and dedicated the last weeks to this new project. I'm very very happy of the final result. I created his head out of polymer clay, then covered it with f...

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CIRCE, a young Maine coon
CIRCE is my latest creation made combining the more 'traditional' technique of designing and sewing the body, with the new found technique of sculpting the head out of polymer clay and then attaching fur onto it. I'm very happy that I finally decided to exp...

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Francesca Boretti commented on a post on Blogger.
Janet, I have answers to all of your questions! :-)

About the weight. I haven't explained it in this post, but you make a head core out of tinfoil and then put the putty around it. This helps reducing the weight. Even doing so, the head resulted significantly heavier than my previous needle felted ones. I had to counterbalance that weight in the body. The perfect solution to this is using a different brand of clay. With my last cat (not published on the blog yet) I have tried FIMO AIR LIGHT. It is a self hardening clay which is really light, it works perfectly and the weight is comparable to a traditional stuffed head. 

About the fur attaching process. I have no visual (yet) to explain. I didn't invent this technique, but it was also very difficult for me to understand how it works. It is a very well kept secret! :-) In the end, I figured it out. The fur tufts that you attach are cut from the fabric. There is no fabric at the base of those tufts. They are glued to the clay.  When the glue is dry they don't come off, and you can brush them. You don't feel the glue underneath as it makes an even layer. This for the longer strands. For the muzzle I have done it with flocking. Again, the fur particles adhere to the glue and when all is dry they stay put. I can paint on top of them no problem at all. Of course if you push a finger on the head surface, you feel that it is hard underneath, it isn't cuddly as a stuffed head. But as the body is an old fashioned stuffed body, you have all the cuddle you need there! ;-)

I might do a tutorial with visuals sometime in the future, as I've been asked about it from so many people! Like I said, I didn't invent it, but I sure feel happy that I found out about it and tried! :-)

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This is SIEGFRIED, all finished and already adopted! Meowwww!!!!

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A new way to do old things
Mixed media. I've come across this definition quite often in the last months. I'm fascinated by the concept of creating using materials and techniques that traditionally come from separate 'categories'. This way of doing things appeals to my restlessness an...
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