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Agenda Widget for Android
Its got lots of settings!
Its got lots of settings!

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Publish AW 2.1.27, just some task highlighting bug fixes and Any.DO support. Providing this hasn't cause more problems I will be able to move onto the incomplete features that got sidetracked (when I find more time).

Have the internet at home for the first time in 6 months so that will help.

Keep an eye on (or join) AW Users community for notifications of pre-release versions
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New beta build of Agenda Widget with fixes for today and overdue task highlighting. Please let me know if it causes any issues. I plan to release it tomorrow.

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I need some volunteers to test the Any.Do integration. I've had a report of tasks showing more than once (3 times!) and I'm trying to determine why.

If you are an Any.Do user and an Agenda Widget Plus user please grab the dev version

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Agenda Widget 2.1.25 should be rolling out now. Please note any issues/bugs in the comments

Please leave comments and bug reports for Release Candidate 2.1.25 in the comments of this post
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New release candidate for Agenda Widget 2.1.25 on Google Play as a beta release. See the previous post for information on how to grab it.(

Fixed various things including the ancient issue 100 for calendars with the same name (, grid mode showing times for no time tasks and all day events, multi day on each day showing the date on the last day and a bug with the "until" string not being respected.

Please let me know if there are any bugs in the beta as I would like to release it and start working on new features!
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So I just setup the beta testing thingy on Google Play. If you join the AW Users community ( then register for testing on Google Play ( you should be able to access the beta which has some fixes for Team Tasks due dates and the NoNonsense Notes update.

EDIT: free version link to beta

Curious to learn if this actually works!
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AW 2.1.24 (Plus) is on the market
 - +Team Tasks support (all the complete/edit/view actions working), minor bug with timed tasks showing on incorrect day is being worked on
 - Color bullet can now use event colors on Android 4.0.4+
 - Can now force override the bullet color for all task applications
 - Lots of bug fixes

(Free version should be out early next week)
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+Team Tasks support is coming soon~ pending their release of their next version.
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Agenda Widget Plus 2.1.15 released to market.

Brings Android 2.2/2.3 devices into line (feature/bug fix wise) with Android 3.x+ devices.

I've started working on sorting and filtering and skinning. Pending bug reports from 2.1.15, these functions will be ready for testing in around 2 weeks.

Full changelog:
 - Fixed bug with due today not loading when scrolling and event action is view
 - Resolved a battery drain introduced in a previous version
 - Attempted to reolves “empty widget” problems on Android 3.x
-  Added lockscreen widget for Android 4.2 devices
 - Removed loading view from HC+ scrolling widgets
 - Optimized and fixed some gridview functions/bugs
 - Changed ActionBar appearance in settings. It now shows the settings which are being changed for each screen
 - Changed text appearance preferences to have a checkbox to enable/disable, which can be clicked for more settings
 - Fixed birthday prefix/suffix/parentheses issues
 - Refresh button on ICS+ devices now does a full layout refresh
 - Fixed various translation issues throughout the preferences
 - Fixed bug where scrolling widgets on Nemus launcher would not update
 - Some changes to make widget refresh less intrusive
 - Some fixes for the Quick Agenda popup
 - Update Text Appearance preferences. They are now dialogs and show more information in the preview
 - Some fixes for the Quick Agenda popup
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