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A Full Life at Home
FULL LIFE AT HOME. In one of my last blogs I wrote that I’d not been able to find much free time
to write a blog since the Christmas and the New Year. And it looks like I may find that 'finding the time' continues to get harder. I’m
writing this one to ...

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Past and Present Learning Curves
and Present Learning Curves   Learning
Curves Thinking
of the New Year and what I would like to accomplish in 2016 has got me thinking
of past years and some the learning curves I’ve dealt with, more or less
successfully, in order to successfully carry...

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New Year - Resolves, Aims and Hopes
New Year – Resolves, Aims and Hopes   I’ve not been writing much on my blog
since the New Year began. The reason? I’ve been caught up in family events,
many of which involve travelling an hour into the city or entertaining here in
our home in the Hills behi...

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A Walk into the New Year
A Walk into the New Year The Last Week of 2015:  in which to pause and contemplate The hills that are beginning to bleach, while green still holds sway into the distance The spaces which are maintained for our pleasure This is the time of year that the tele...

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Accommodating Variety in my Garden
  Accommodating Variety in my  G arden If we
become gardening philosophers we can see the world in our gardens, and it would be nice to think that we can also
learn how to better live in the world about us. Some time ago I wrote something about how plants t...

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A Multi-Cultural Xm as Lunch History
of the Group   Takis and I have just met up with a group of friends
from Emerald. These are folk we’ve known for the last four years and though we
might bump into each other in the village and perhaps we go to the same f...

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Greeks in Melbourne
in Melbourne   Melbourne in Victoria is a
Greek  cultural center in Australia. And
there is more than one area in this city where Greeks congregate. One is Lonsdale Street in the city centre. This is an area that runs adjacent to
Melbourne Chinatow...

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A Busy Time of Year
Busy Time of Year Writing
and Other Projects   Another
reason I’m taking out time and not doing two blogs a week is that it takes time
from my writing schedule. At the moment I’m writing a whodunit about Lemnos. I’m
finding this great fun and hopefully it...

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Putting My Book On-Line
My Book On-line   It’s now done! And if you want to read it  its now on Kindle   e-books!   Just getting the book written about the
project took about three years. Getting it edited and formatted and published
another two years and quite a lot of mo...

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South Australian Connections
Australian Connections Visiting
South Australia   I
have a history with this state. South Australia is where I first flew to as a
young ’10 pound Pom’ (this is what we young, assisted, immigrants were once
called). As I was a teacher and Australia nee...
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