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Please help find
Stolen Gear!! Please help and share!!

There was a break in last night near Boldon, Tyne & Wear, and a priceless guitar was stolen along with other gear. The guitar was a 21th birthday present and has a lot of sentimental value!

The guitar is a one off Custom Built "Les Tones" Ibanez Jem. Silver Body with a Mirror Scratchplate, All DiMarzio pick-ups, Floyd Rose Trem.

Other Gear That was stolen was a G-Lab GSC-3 (Guitar System Controller), Ernie Ball Volume Pedal (VP Jr 250K) and Cry Baby Wah pedal (cry baby 535q).

Please Share to help spread the word and to help find and return them.

Any info please message me or contact South Tyneside Police.
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