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Brody's first birthday
This time last year I had already been pushing for several
hours and laboring most of the day. 
There was some beautiful snow on the ground that night as well. As we
drove to the hospital on the 15 th it was a bright sunny day and the
snow was sparkling bri...

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Plans change... or do they?
change. Or at least ours do. If you're like me, you
like to make a plan, and see it fulfilled. I don't have to make
the plan, but I like to know what it is.  Sometimes plans are
made, and then they change. Most of the time - it's not a big deal. You j...

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A moment to remember from May 5th, 2014
Another old Facebook post: God never ceases to amaze me. You all have seen me post cute little things about the Walton's youngest son Caeson that I get to watch a few days a week. For today's #BrodyBits #Memory Monday I have to tell you how God has minister...

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thoughts from April 8th
So I was doing great the past few days... then Sunday night our families were talking about  Easter plans and I just went downhill. It occurred to me how hard that day will be as we  watch our nieces and nephews hunt for eggs, take pics in their cute outfit...

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Been too long...
Silence speaks. Sometimes its hard to speak, write, reflect. My silence on here lately could make you think a variety of things - and many may be true. It's true that sometimes I'm so upset, mad even, that I can't share. Sometimes life is simply too busy. S...

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day
Remembering Brody today on this National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Although I certainly don't need a special day - I think of him EVERY day! Every time I see his pics around the house, feel the stretch marks on my skin, touch my necklace with...

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Share, be vulnerable, relate with one another, and move forward in love, not mastered by fear. 

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Day of Hope... Not fear
Today, August 19th, is International Day of Hope - breaking the silence about pregnancy/infant/child loss. One of the goals is to raise awareness of the many Neural Tube Defects that can be fatal (like Brody's). Another is to make those who have experienced...
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