Occasionally someone from the media joins the Marriage Fitness Program and decides to go public with their marital situation. That was the case with Jacqueline Foreman, who is the host of "Your Mental Health Talk Radio."
After participating in the Marriage Fitness program, Jacqueline decided to have me as a guest on her radio show. On the air we talked about how to fix broken marriages and Jacqueline was brave enough to share her personal experience.
The show is very informative, Jacqueline asked great questions (the kind that only someone struggling in their marriage would know to ask), and we discussed real solutions to the most common marital crisis.
The show was recorded and you can listen to it here:
If your marriage is in trouble, you should listen to the interview. It's not a 2 minute sound bite. It's an hour show so we really had a chance to delve deep into the world of marital crisis and unravel some of its mysteries.
Here again is where you can listen:
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