Do you know what happens after you plant the seed of a Chinese Bamboo Tree?

Nothing. That's right. Absolutely nothing. For 4 years after planting the seed of this tree you get no satisfaction other than a tiny shoot coming out of a bulb. Must be something wrong, right? A still birth or stunted growth. A bad seed maybe.

If you didn't know about the growth patterns for this tree, you'd think that all your efforts to plant and cultivate were useless.

But, in fact, what's happening all the time is that underneath the ground there's a massive root structure that's forming. You can't see it, but it's there and it's HUGE. Then, in the 5th year, the Chinese Bamboo Tree grows and grows and grows, sometimes up to EIGHTY FEET tall!

Marriages sometimes grow like Chinese Bamboo Trees.

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Thank you very much for the tips and that proverb ,am following your advice's there are OK but the problem of forgiving her still a problem. Because she told me that am not the father of children and i dont have money for DNA.More over to forget the day she told me . Iam stigmatic person for that.Thank very much again..
+Julius Basigira so sorry to hear that! Please try to find the money for the DNA test it will be well worth it! Sometimes women just say things like that to just hurt us, I hope for your sake the children are yours mate!!! Hang in there... ;-) Ben
+Julius Basigira you are welcome mate! I know just how hard it is to find that kind of money, truly I do and if I could help you I would... I will prey for you my friend!!! Kindest regards, Benjamin Hadfield :'-(
Not too bad thank you, how about yourself? I tell you what though its freezing here in Australia ATM... ;-)
Any news regarding your marriage my friend? I have been preying for you that everything sorts out for you +Julius Basigira​!!! :-)
man what i have realized in this planet God created man to be challenged in all aspects.
The most important thing is love. If you love the kid and your family, you can go through everything. Talk to her. And find the true.
We have the internet now, Facebook and Twitter is quite the competition.
It can bring up the past or new people in secrecy.
How does one find the motivation to continue trying, when he has so much to choose from. 
I think the bad seed is good a good seed
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