Emotional Infidelity: You don't have to sleep with someone to be unfaithul.

When Chrissy Redden set her sights on an Olympic gold medal, she gave up a promising senior management position in the food industry to train full-time. As she trained to qualify for the 2000 Olympics, a fan questioned the Canadian mountain biker's sacrifice. "Why do so many Olympic athletes sacrifice their careers, education, and future livelihoods for a chance at the gold?" he asked. "I just can't imagine giving up all that!"
It's a good question, isn't it? Why do athletes sacrifice, endure pain, push their bodies beyond their limits, and pass up other opportunities? The answer: they want to! And why do they want to? BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT.

How does this relate to emotional infidelity?

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I've been going through this for awhile. Emotional cheating is worst I don't know how to overcome these feelings. 
+Sierra Spencer
I understand that totally. It's the worst feeling in the world like someone has ripped your soul out to think of the person you love who is your best friend sharing their heart with another. I would way rather it be a one night stand but either way it is tough
Its like he treats me like he's cheating on someone when he's with me if feel alone and isolated don't know what to do
Well lets just say i was in a manipulating build up tear down relationship mentally physically abused..im out of it thank god i know the difference between a good man and a hateful man..a giver and a taker..basically u attract who u are what i was then attracted the hater in which i learned from and changed into a totally different person to b with the man im with now
People come into your life either as a blessing or a lesson..u live and u learn ..u gotta ask yourselfs what is it are u learning about your selfs and who are u attracting ..
U reap what u sow god is real and what u do to someone else will come back on you maybe not with the same partner but another only thing is is it gonna change you for the better or make u worse then what u are already. 
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