Although the people in this video are actors, the stories are real. This video (which aired nationally on TV) depicts 2 couples I worked with. Not only are the stories real; they’re common. Do you see yourself in them?

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Here iam asking advice from a woman of coarse knows it all!! Now my first marriage at 50. Fine as frog hair split three ways!!! Yet my quiet husband of 3yrs. Now a navy man 16yrs. Wants to be a lawyer in v.I. st. Thomas for the last 3yrs. He has jumped the broom3times. Me just wanted him to have a dream. All lawyers and you 650$. He now has all $$$. Me in Florida feel like all feed of the carcasd. I pray you can give me more than just hope. But if that is as the tall proudwoman iam must I live in a tent. Or give my very spirit away!!! Always the viking koolaid!! Have a blessed holiday!!!

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