A Drive Through The Cloud
A Word Cloud On Your Thursday Morning Drive.
Today I have taken a little different of an approach to this whole drive concept. After the amazing results of last week's single slide and being challenged to find ever more unique ways of presenting & curating content, I was inspired by a couple conversations and this was the outcome.

Their is no planned route for our drive. You get to choose which way to turn and how to get wherever you want to go. Each word is linked to a slide that I feel best encapsulates it containing content based around that subject. 

The content creators are all listed by name on the slide. Drive has a new feature where if you highlight text and click the link button it will actually search for the most relevant link. I let +Google Drive  decide what link should be chosen and if none, I put their G+ profile. 

This is a breakdown of all the content into relevant categories. Based on the results here, I might take this a step further but again, it depends on what you guys think. So please share any comments below, all feedback is appreciated. 

Strap on your seat belts, throw your map away and enjoy the drive. Remember, the reward isn't the destination, it's the journey. 

The Stars of this deck are as follows (in no specific order):
+Denis Labelle 
+Mark Traphagen
+David Amerland 
+Dustin W. Stout 
+martin shervington 
+Jaana Nyström 
+Chef Dennis Littley 
+Stephan Hovnanian 
+Yifat Cohen 
+Peg Fitzpatrick 
+Joshua Berg 
+Michael Bennett 

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