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A Drive Through The Cloud
A Word Cloud On Your Thursday Morning Drive.
Today I have taken a little different of an approach to this whole drive concept. After the amazing results of last week's single slide and being challenged to find ever more unique ways of presenting & curating content, I was inspired by a couple conversations and this was the outcome.

Their is no planned route for our drive. You get to choose which way to turn and how to get wherever you want to go. Each word is linked to a slide that I feel best encapsulates it containing content based around that subject. 

The content creators are all listed by name on the slide. Drive has a new feature where if you highlight text and click the link button it will actually search for the most relevant link. I let +Google Drive  decide what link should be chosen and if none, I put their G+ profile. 

This is a breakdown of all the content into relevant categories. Based on the results here, I might take this a step further but again, it depends on what you guys think. So please share any comments below, all feedback is appreciated. 

Strap on your seat belts, throw your map away and enjoy the drive. Remember, the reward isn't the destination, it's the journey. 

The Stars of this deck are as follows (in no specific order):
+Denis Labelle 
+Mark Traphagen
+David Amerland 
+Dustin W. Stout 
+martin shervington 
+Jaana Nyström 
+Chef Dennis Littley 
+Stephan Hovnanian 
+Yifat Cohen 
+Peg Fitzpatrick 
+Joshua Berg 
+Michael Bennett 

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+Joshua Berg thank you so much. I think that I can take it a bit further if people like this but it takes much more time to cull through all the data here b/c obviously this just does it by deck. I want to go deeper but the next step might take me quite a while. Thank you so much for the feedback.
+David Amerland there might be, but it's only b/c I haven't the time to do this as a full time gig ;) 

I really enjoy it though, I just wish I didn't have so many other pressing issues that needed my attending, ahh, such is life and I am pleased to be among such awesome company! Thank you for the compliment. Coming from you it means a great deal. 
Thanks +Dustin W. Stout I really appreciate that! I would love to get at you for a bit and possibly design some unique backgrounds...I mean just thinking out loud as I type we could make unique pages for subjects, links and have it all if drive could just allow a little seo benefit...THAT would be out of this world. I think the other 2 people so far to comment would agree! Thanks again. 
+Michael Bennett I can imagine ways this data cloud could be stretched around, but yes, certainly that would take considerable time. Certainly creative.
+Michael Bennett : excellent work again! I sincerely appreciate having this awesome content at my fingertips.
+Michael Bennett keep being awesome and life yeah, it is what it is - in the best tradition of the Bloodguard, we suffice. 
Interesting that new Drive suggested link Michael.
+Paul Stickland I have to thank you for this b/c like your slide for +StrangeStore I certainly took inspiration from that. You have helped point me in this direction and for that again, I say thank you. Regarding the suggested link they did that about 3 -4 weeks ago, maybe less...I lose time in G+ and can't remember exactly. +Google Drive is improving all the time and I love all the new things they are doing. I hope all is well over there Paul! Thanks again. 
+Joshua Berg yes sir! Indeed. I have 200 slides and that breakdown could take a while ;) Thanks again my friend. I really appreciate the encouraging words from you. I remember one of the first HOAs w/you and +Mark Traphagen that I watched. I was awestruck at your knowledge, I am so pleased to be given a chance to get to speak w/you on the level. Thanks again and speaking of long times...putting your August summary into Drive might be another destination soon. :) 
+Michael Bennett things are great now I am back at my desk and the school holidays are drawing to a close! I must check out the new features. This is a great use of the idea, thanks for the acknowledgement!
You are melting down content curation +Michael Bennett!

This is the second week in a raw you do that and the expectations are growing. 

You're cultivating a new way to share content or is it just me and the fact that I'm new in this great place (g+)? 
+Paul Stickland glad you are back in the saddle. I am happy to say that you have been integral in the development of this as a new way to curate for me. I am also quite glad to know you and call you my friend. All those things combined always put a smile on my face. Cheers my friend. 
+George Konstantakopoulos maybe a little of both, but I don't think there have been many opportunities for people to compile data like this. It's almost as if I am using people's content as data and creating a new type of information from it. That sounds like something +David Amerland would say. Except he would say it in a much nicer fashion. 

Since people's original content isn't raw data it's data that has already been transformed into information, I can say that I am adding a meta layer to it, I am adding my perspective to it, that new angle allows people to see what was once original information and is now seen from a different vantage point. If that allows one person to garner something they might not have from it's original form, I am pleased to have done that. 

Not to mention there isn't another platform that has all the products at the users fingertips and allows for this type of horizontal integration across all products. From G+ to Drive to Blogger we can utilize them all together and become stronger for having done so. Great comment and thank you. 
If it is the sun setting over the sea inspires you and gives you that beautiful energy, I urge you to continue to use this drug +Michael Bennett.
My tablet thanks you as well as all the participants for this beautiful and plentiful food.
+Jean-Marc Luna thank you so much for the kind words. I will continue to do that and hope that you continue to encourage me. Sound fair enough?
+Chef Dennis Littley I appreciate all the hard work it must have taken to do those HOAs, they are great and deserved to be highlighted. This way people can find them in a different way, maybe one that allows more of a selection adventure :) Thanks again for the kind words.
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