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The Pocket Guide to Google Plus - UPDATED
Over 400 Links, 100 Hours of Video, 300 Slides & 20 Decks. 
All on 1 slide! Now including +Jaana Nyström amazing set of resources.

1) A Complete SMO & SEO Summary for June 2013 by +Joshua Berg 
2) What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide by +martin shervington 
3) Everything Google by Mr. Everything Google +Denis Labelle   
4) YouTube, SEO, Google Search Rankings & a Whole Lot More by +Yifat Cohen  
5) The Google+ Hovercard - Your Calling Card Across All Google by +Stephan Hovnanian   
6) Guides to Google Plus for Business & Personal Use by +Mark Traphagen  
7) Driving with David - Author, Speaker, Analyst by +David Amerland   
8) Google Plus 101 by +Peg Fitzpatrick 
9) First Annual (Virtual) Bloggers Conference with +Chef Dennis Littley 
10) Social Signals, Your Website & Google Plus - This Changes Everything by +Dustin W. Stout   
11) Creating Your Optimized Google+ Cover Image by +Stephan Hovnanian 
12) Google Plus Basics, Tips, and Tricks by +Jaana Nyström 
13)  The Best Google Help and Resources by +Jaana Nyström 
14) Google Products and Services by +Denis Labelle   
15) Google Plus SEO by +Joshua Berg  
16) Social Media Success & HootSuite Usage +Mike Allton 
17) Hangouts On Air with +Ronnie Bincer  
18) Semantic Search HOAs with +Luis Galarza 
19) The Curious Mind Part 1 via +Yuko Nakamura 
20) The Curious Mind Part 2 via +Yuko Nakamura  
That's it folks.

1 Slide does it all.

h/t to +Stephan Hovnanian  for helping with the image

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Well done +Michael Bennett! The work you've put into this is so impressive. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate being included. Thank you!
+Mike Allton so happy to have you in wouldn't be as comprehensive w/out you there. I appreciate the kind words and the share. Thank you. 
Thanks Michael for putting together such an incredible resource!
+David Amerland well I would blow your eyes out too if you saw this stache. I haven't shaved my whole face in days and I am about to itch it right off! I can't roll straight I might go birthday stache tomorrow though...but not sure wife and son aren't huge fans...but back to the point...thank you David. I very much appreciate it...

I just saw the lovely +Gina Fiedel plus a comment from that illustrious thread and it just brings back such fond memories...I remember the excitement bubbling over as I sat and typed that first comment...then coming back after putting the kids to sleep. That was my first real weekend wrapped in the plus and it was great. 

Thanks again David, hope all is well. 
+Michael Bennett yeah that thread was exceptional and things came to a boil from it. We all suddenly felt we knew what this is all about. 

I share your itch (like seriously) you need to check out my Day 7 tache. I always knew there was a reason I did not do facial hair well. :) and my partner's not fond of it either. 
+Michael Bennett I don't know why my brain thinks this way, or least this morning, but was curious if that hand was slipping those cards into someone else's back pocket because that seems awfully hard for one to do themselves (right hand in the left back pocket) : )

Things that make you go hmmmm...
+David Amerland I can imagine. I second that lack of fondness! I do grow 2 things well, a garden and a mustache but I just can't pull it off IRL, this isn't 1978 and I am not in a movie that goes bow chica wow wow! :)
+Michael Bennett you saw that! I knew you would. One of the fantastic posts from yesterday sent me back in time to that groundbreaking monument to our life here on G+.

It was before my time with all of you, but not much before, because it was being referenced a lot still. I read it back when I first met the crew, but this morning I got pulled in again. It was hard to stop but there's so much it would have taken an hour. Or more because it sparks so many thoughts and ideas.

The coolest thing about going back is how my context here has changed and evolved since then. So much. And now, I have first hand experience in the truth of it. The depth. Of which you speak. And now I am saturated, part of 'it'. I gotta say. Again. How amazing, how serendipitous, how uncanny, how unspeakably joy-filled I am that I tripped on all of you and have been welcomed in to weave my own self into the Conversation.
+Gina Fiedel precisely, amazing how the web has woven us and we didn't even know it. :) 

I look back at my exuberance when commenting on that thread an how every person added value to that awesome post. It's crazy what can happen in 6 months...So glad to have you around. You're always worth a big smile to me. :-) (that's the big one)
'Hand double' - reminds of the Seinfeld episode with Constanza's foray into hand modeling : )
YES! Exactly. The hyperbaric chamber that the old model used...priceless +Ben Boykin great call. 
When she wipes the bread off his face...classic. 
+Michael Bennett thanks for this! I really needed this a couple months ago lol but I can still use it a lot :))
Love how the basics always stay the same - 
“It occurs to me,Jim,that you spend too much time trying to be interesting. Why don't you invest more time being interested?"

Collin's advice from John Gardner that he took to heart

Thanks for creating this +Michael Bennett!
Insanely detailed, thanks for the effort!
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