It's Not You, It's Me.
I was never actually told this before but that doesn't mean I don't understand it's meaning. When your posts get no activity from either your current base or potential new readers there are reasons. 

You might not have posted at the right time, you might not have used any different style text, you might not use any colors, pictures or made it dynamic. Well frankly then it might be you. ;)

However, you can do all those things and still not bring in fresh readers, why? Well we are all human, and we all act the way we do based on certain psychological processes that occur w/in our brains.

When we look to our social platforms, we  most likely scan until we find a familiar face w/an article that looks appealing. We read, comment and then potentially share. That's all based on recognizing someone w/whom we have a connection.

How do you reach beyond your typical crowd to reach new people? Well you have to learn first that it might not be them, it might be the way you typically post things. Throwing enough stuff against the wall to hope something sticks might not be the best approach.  Again, we all throw tons of posts out there but how do you get noticed? 

Formatting, timing, pictures, media, cross posting, those are all great ways to get noticed but if you don't have a strategy it might not be as effective as it could.

Take a read through +Wade Harman's post here. It goes a little deeper into why we just breeze through our stream until we find a comfortable face.  It discusses why we need to be smarter about how we post and have a method to our madness. 

h/t to +Steven Hughes for the share yesterday. 

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