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Power of Doa!
Power of Doa!
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Thank you Google!

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Eid Mubarak!

Start with great things in mind!

Berusaha. Jangan putus asa! 

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Interesting items about [Google+]. Good as reference.
How To Improve Engagement on Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you use Google+ in your marketing mix?

Are you wondering how to get the most out of GooglePlus?

With more than 300 million in-stream active users, Google+ is definitely worth paying attention to.

The entire purpose of social networking is to connect, share and engage. GooglePlus makes it simple when you understand the basics. Go beyond just sharing a link or two, enter the social zones where the fun, and engagement really begins to happen.

See the infographic below where I show you how to ramp up your Google+ presence, generate meaningful social connections, and blow your followers minds away.


#googleplustips   #discovergoogleplus

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Amazing things [for us to ponder].
Where Two Oceans Meet - But do not Mix


These two bodies of water were merging in the middle of The Gulf of Alaska and there was a foam developing only at their junction. It is a result of the melting glaciers being composed of fresh water and the ocean has a higher percentage of salt causing the two bodies of water to have different densities and therefore makes it more difficult to mix.

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Hidden Jetty ...

Trust is an important element for [team] success!
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