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"At our office, we have a shared space where the developers work and everyone else is in a separate location. We treat the programmer space as we would a library. No irrelevant conversations, don’t bother anyone, stick to IM and IRC whenever possible. Meetings either are team-wide (standups), so can take place in the shared space, or individual, and are taken out of the room."

Everyone thinks programmers are just being precious when they say that interruptions hurt their work more, but just look at all the peer-reviewed studies cited in that article. The evidence is clear.
I think they got popular because so much of modern work is problem solving that requires collaboration, people bumping each other, flat non hierarchical structures, and yes, distractions (which by another term could be said to be lateral inspiration).

Clearly, in places like ours, you get a clash of those chaotic creative cultures, and that more engineering mindset. I kind of like that.

Let's assume there is a loss of productivity. But what's the gain in culture? Working vibes?

Plus, maybe the dev is productive in terms of code, but they could be building the wrong thing, without those 'interruptions'. That's partly the role of daily standups, but sometimes a day can be a long time.

I'm into us using IM more in the office. 
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