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Re: solutions.
Image from  My annual habit of sharing the links that led me to think most, love most, give most, pause most over the past year, has long been a replacement (for me) of less useful customs, such as the making ...

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2016. The worst of times. The best of times.
    The worst of times? On one level 2016 was a shocker. Rarely has so much prejudice, ignorance, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry and straight up xenophobia been displayed so proudly or delivered in such toxic concentrations. Rarely have so many good people d...

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A Taxonomy of the Multicultural Cliché
This fascinating read in the Washington Post exposes the expectations the mainstream has of the multicultural and, equally, multicultural expectations of the mainstream when it comes to what a cultural brand should be named. Emperors and Empresses fence wit...

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Reposting this LinkedIn post of mine on my Ideawallah blog.

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Helen Levitt: The Original Humans of New York: The Best Multicultural Photography in the World Part VII
Bef ore
Humans of New York became a social media sensation and before Bill Cunningham made street
photography fashionable, Helen Levitt, inspired by a conversation with
Cartier-Bresson and took to the streets of Manhattan equipped with a
Leica. She slipp...

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What this job takes. Advice to a young writer.
Dear copypuppies  Before you go all aww-goofy on me because I used the word puppies in a sentence, let me caution you. There is nothing cute in what follows. Think of this note as carrying three bags full of mixed metaphors and embodying that hated passive ...

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Enter The Goat.
This week we celebrate Eid-ul-Adha - the Feast of The Sacrifice - also known Bakri Eid where I come from. (Bakri is the word for goat in several South Asian languages.) It is a celebration with ancient Abrahamic roots and commemorates the scriptural episode...

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Yellow Pages lands in soup with bibimbap billboard blunder.
The Yellow Pages campaign makes it onto CBC. But for all the wrong reasons. Bibimbap is a rice dish. And the visual shows noodles. As tweeter @edwaan points out. Another commenter on Facebook helpfully explained: "Think about having the copy about the best ...

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Omni: Presence then silence then absence.
This post is a slightly expanded version of the opinion piece I wrote for New Canadian Media in May 2015. There are inherent dangers and risks in
launching an ethnic channel or publication. In recent times we have seen both
new players and well established ...
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