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"that man is poor, not who has little but who hankers after more"

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“I was sick of being called ‘Park Street’. I realized that I can’t fight this behind a mask. I had to make the point that we have nothing to be ashamed of. Society should be ashamed to make rape victims feel a stigma. Me? The ‘Park Street Rape Victim’? Bullshit!  I‘m a mother, I’m a daughter, I’m a sister. People depend on me and love me!”

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Time to watch this again.

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I have a question: Some of the photos I've taken looks great (the lighting, colours) on a computer screen. But when I take a print of it, most of the time, it's messed up. Either it is too dark or too light, even colours look different.
I believe it has something to do with the printer. What I want to know is how do I make sure the printed photos look the way it looks on my computer screen.
Could someone explain to me what to do?

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Taken at Bintan, Indonesia

+Chris Leboe 08:17
I like this. Nice and simple, nothing fancy. #save  

+Swaroop Subbanna 08:24
Nice focus and bokeh. #save2

+António Rodrigues08:29
Nice example of depth of field! #save3  

+Shannon S. Myers 08:38
#save4  this actually pulls me in to the photo and keeps me interested.

+Jake Rome 08:51
More. Effing. Flowers. I've just seen this 1000 times, and the bottom 10 pixels badly need cropping. #delete  

+Elizabeth Hahn 09:08+1
Love the flowers, I do wish there was a little more detail on the ground, I can't tell if it's sand or carpet, but I keep looking at the nice line of flowers

+Matt Austin 09:11
The out of focus..vignette (looks like it curves up around the edges as well) isn't really helping. I get the intent (I think), but instead of being led into the one up front that is in focus I see two mostly focus flowers and a trail behind them.


+Grant Matthews 09:29
Feels kind of washed out #delete3

+Brooks Moses 09:43
I rather like the effect of seeing the two flowers in focus up front first and then following the trail as it goes out of focus behind them.  Nice colors as well.  #save6.

+Chris Ball 09:46
I'm a sucker for bokeh.   #save7  

+Steve Bottoms 09:52
Good colors, nice DOF, I like the composition and the leading line of teh flowers...  I'd maybe kick up the orange/red a little bit, but I like it as-is.   #save8  

+Bruce Clement 09:57
I agree with the comment about a bit more saturation but that is very minor in such a good picture.   #save9  

+Benny Sjöstrand 10:02
Nice composition, very nice DOF, but for me it's a little bit too dark, I need the color and details to pop more. sorry #delete4

+Ilker Sen 10:21
I love it the composition. #save10

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At Endau Rompin Rainforest

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Coffee vs Tea!

What about you, Google plussers: which side do you sit on? I'm a coffee man myself.
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