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Business architect, database guru, writer
Business architect, database guru, writer

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"Two Letters of Transit, Rick, signed by Herr Bannon himself. Cannot be rescinded. Not even questioned!"

CPU world has been dull for years. About to change. As of today, there are 120 Intel CPUs that outperform AMD's fastest chip.

After Ryzen ships, there'll be about 20 -- all Xeons going for at least $1,500, and averaging upwards of $2,000.

Price of the fastest Ryzen chip? $499. There's a price war coming.

One of the things about tech people is, they're relaxed. Everyone can find another job with no difficulty. You can't lean on people too much, they'll leave.

Consulting taught me something else: almost no one else is. You get out of the tech bubble, people are nervous and anxious and scared and wigged out.

Today's observation.

Shuffling books around the shelves. What I want is a lossless compression algorithm that handles paper.

What was your favorite Kickstarter reward, those of you who've donated to Kickstarter? We're working on the KS donation levels today.

Edit -- this is an explicitly political, blue, company. Humor is great, our $1 donation includes the promise the entire team will bow in your general direction -- but rewards with a liberal/progressive/BLM cast would be of interest to us.

Teaser for our startup:

On the Facebook Data Science page, there’s a quote. It’s from our company’s architect: “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

We live in a world where corporations and the government know an astonishing amount about you. Where you live, where you work, what you earn, what you buy, who your friends and family are. But we don’t know a great deal about them. It’s time for that to change. A new company is coming that will give you the information they don’t want you to have, a powerful tool to cast light into the darkness.

Something cool is coming.

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As of today, only .1% of the West is in extreme drought.

If in the age of a Trump the thing most worries you is the DNC, you probably don't understand what the DNC is. If you do understand what the DNC is and are still angrier at that than at Republicans? Your priorities are hosed.

The Democratic Party as a whole needs to move left. You do that by joining the party, by running left candidates, by getting then elected. One left Dem in office is worth ten thousand people with an opinion.

The DNC has nearly nothing to do with this. It almost never involves itself in open primaries, though it is prone to protecting incumbents. You really want change? Register D, elect leftists. That's it. Everything else is a profound waste of time.

If you can't avoid getting old, try not to get injured. 3 years post blowing out my left shoulder ... I managed 20 pushups today. Little twinge at 17 -- I got back up, waited to see if I'd hurt myself (again) ... pain went away, did three more.

I'd been at 18 a few weeks. I'm being stupidly slow about upping reps on that. It's about the only body weight exercise I do, everything else is kettle bell or basketball (or yoga, downward dog and such, but that's mostly holding a pose, at least in the class I'm taking and what I'm doing on my own time.)

I don't know if you can get better as you get older, exactly, but you can hold on to good function for a long time.

The South was conservative during the Civil War, and is conservative now. Lincoln was a liberal from Chicago, for Christ's sake. In 1965 the Civil Rights Act made racist whites flee the Democratic Party and join the Republican Party. That's all. After a while, decent Republicans fled the increasingly racist Republican party and joined the Democratic Party. This is why the northeast is blue, blue, blue, and the South is red, red, red.

And anyone doesn't get that is either stupid or a liar. Every now and again one of these liars tries to durdurdur the idea that the Nazis were socialists, or that slave holders were "Democrats" 150+ years ago and therefore the modern Democratic Party is racist.

These people are almost certainly Nazis themselves. Or idiots of a profound sort. But I repeat myself.
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