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Stephen Howell

I'm proud to be a guest speaker at CoderDojo IADT tonight. Hope to see some of you there!

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I'm running a Computing Camp next week!
I'll be teaching Scratch 2.0, Game Design, the usual cool stuff.
More details below. If you have students/kids in the Dublin area currently in secondary school, please get in touch to book or find out more!
The Computing Department in ITT Dublin runs a series of Computing Workshops and camps to provide students with an insight into computing and careers in computing.  Our next workshop is based on Scratch, the revolutionary programming language for kids from MIT.  Scratch is a visual programming language that makes it very easy to create interactive stories, animations and games. Scratch teaches computational thinking and problem solving using a simple-to-use, yet powerful, building block approach to software development. 

The workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in learning coding, no previous knowledge or skill is required.
Details of Workshop:
Date:   Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th June 2013.
Time:   10.00am – 2.30pm.
Cost:   €15
Note: Lunch will not be provided; students may bring a packed lunch or purchase lunch from our canteen.

How to book:  please email: 

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I was on the telly briefly last night. Teaching a nice young chap Scratch. #coderdojo

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15569 points not bad, I guessed a random town in a US state and got less than 1km from location, score was 6000+ :)

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Don't like the new Google Android Play Store at all.
While I welcome new ways to legitimately buy and listen to digital music in Ireland, I personally don't listen to music and will never buy any.
But you can't set the Play Store not to show you music albums (or at least, I can't figure out how). I also can't uninstall Google Listen off my Nexus, or Google Books, even though Google magazines aren't available in Ireland yet.

Android was meant to be about personal choice and customisation; until there's a chance to sell you something...

Courier just rang looking for directions, I hope it's the latest device +Leap Motion have kindly offered to send me :)

The amount of email I get about the leap 2 scratch video is amazing, will have to make another soon.

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My father in law, Liam, died unexpectedly a year ago today. He had been ill, but suddenly deteriorated. A truly remarkable fellow, his passing has left an absence that we feel daily. We miss you Liam.

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