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Jamie James
I smile at strangers and read the stars.
I smile at strangers and read the stars.

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Something in your life that began back in August of 2015, when Venus was last retrograde through Leo, has now come to a close (through her recent retrogradation), is coming to a close (through her recent inferior conjunction), or will soon require closure when Venus stations direct once more on April 16.

What is it for you?

In what houses do Leo & Aries fall in your chart?

These Venusian synodic cycles are real, folks... look deeper. What is Venus trying to teach you about love and loss, wealth of mind, body and spirit or pocketbook, and ultimately••• how you love yourself?

Look deeper. Look for yourself. Cos you know she will wink

And know, deep down, that whatever it is she's taking needs to go. Let it go. Likewise, whatever it is she's offering••• accept it, graciously, and consider it a celestial gift of promise and love.

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Tomorrow will share Mercury, our winged messenger, in making a friendly connection to Saturn, old Father Time, suggesting that if time is running out for you to communicate something of importance or significance, now's the time.

It is also an excellent day to plan ahead in detail, as well as learning something new; you're likely able to take away more morsels of truth and sustenance today than otherwise, even if you forget to write it down, your memory is more reliable.

Be clear in your communications, even in detail, and speak highly of yourself and your capabilities. It's an awesome time to ask a supervisor-- or someone with more status or skills than yourself- if you can take on more responsibilities... if that's your thing wink it'll definitely be duly noted by those that matter.

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If you've ever celebrated a birthday...

If you've ever regarded the changing of the seasons...

If you've ever arranged your daily routine around time...'ve practiced astrology.

So you can see, there's nothing to believe in; it simply is.

Astrology recognizes the impact on pattern, cycles and seasons of time and celebrates the value we assign to our lives.

Some of us observe these cycles and patterns a bit more descriptively, and we call these folks astrologers.

Astrologers were our first astronomers, alchemists, healers and counselors.

Astrology is a practice of timing.

Time passes whether you believe or not.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

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The New Moon tomorrow at 7°37' Aries* inspires newness, everywhere, all around. It is the beginning of a new lunar year! You feel refreshed, revived, and reinvigorated, and you'll likely be wanting to begin something, initiate something with someone, or create something brand new and all yours.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and prefers to blaze the trails where even angels fear to tread. Any doubt? That'll only fuel Aries to go further, faster, more fiercely.

Aries will always go, see, do.

Aries often jumps first and thinks later... and you may be feeling the pangs within to do just that.

When the moon is in Aries, a certain amount of independence is needed. Preferred. Craved. And though the moon placement often suggests where we find nurtures, when in Aries, this nurturing needs to be on yourself, for yourself, with yourself... even if it's for Other.

Ultimately, you must know you need to care for yourself first if you're ever to expect yourself to care for Other.

This New Moon event is connected closely to Venus retrograde in Aries, only days after her inferior conjunction at 5 degrees. This suggests that a new frame of mind is necessary now, a new perspective, especially in consideration to love, finances, and anything that makes your heart skip a beat.

The influences of Venus retrograde connecting to the New Moon event could potentially spark newness in relationships you've been committed to or a new love interest or devoted relationship altogether, as well as an investment you've made previously beginning to offer you profit. Keep in mind, however, the retrograde detail; retrograde infers reassembling any loose threads, a reexamination of how you give and receive love, or a rerouting of how you ultimately plan to achieve the extraordinary chance so eagerly presenting itself to you now.

A little reflection is always golden.

The contradictions throughout this New Moon event may have you scratching your head more than once; be patient... you want to begin something meaningful, and most probably-- with someone, yet you may feel the need to go it alone for whatever reason, or to take the next step slowly, delicately, and quite possibly due to the overwhelm you're experiencing from all of the newness and seemingly endless possibilities while you simultaneously have so many opportunities to go either way. Choose these opportunities carefully. Mindfully. With patience and maybe, if necessary, with some strategy. Don't go jumping first only to potentially regret later what you didn't account for, didn't anticipate, didn't allow.

Now, for you Aries out there, jumping first is natural, and despite whatever disappointments you find, you ultimately make due and prove your resiliency by dusting yourself off and/or finding brighter fires. But for those of you who were not born in late March, early April, you should be more practical about your choices now, fighting any impulsivity as you may not be as nonchalant about a potential disappointment or repercussion.

Go as you will... but, all that glitters, folks, isn't always gold. If you have any inkling whatsoever that your restlessness is connecting to the emotional or physical manifestation of pyrite, resist the temptation.

But if you know in your brave heart that what you see before you is gold... go get it. Allow it and accept it. Begin this new lunar year with a new vision, a new opportunity, a new love for life.

*10:57pm EDT; 9:57pm CDT; 8:57pm MDT; 7:57pm PDT

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Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 23° Aries, moving from a quiet reticence to a very bold and burly readiness...

Mercury being the planet of communication and all, connecting to Uranus, and therefore the entire cardinal cross... it's a good time to assess your overall goals and current reality still frame and ask aloud for what you want.

Announce to the universe what it is you'll need to be most successful-- whatever success means to you.

Tell others your intentions with munificence and ease. Really own it.

It is, after all, your life.

Today is a good day to begin the rest of your life.

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To continue from the other day's post about Mercury joining the t-square/grand cardinal cross energies...

The ongoing t-square between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, which I referred to in my January-July synopsis as the "hum in the background" you'll hear throughout the entire year, is a mixture of energy that's equivalent to a dramatic dynamic of push and pull, both mindfully motivating and chaotically challenging, and ultimately could potentially deplete you of everything, yet simultaneously create the most fulfilling influence you've ever known. Many of you have likely buffered major disappointments already this year, your best laid plans gone, unavailable, no longer an option for whatever reason. However, how you navigate through these "failures" is essential in that you'll see the eventual light of what you'll soon enough look back with nostalgia for, to these failures, and think of them as blessings, and be grateful for the loss.

These inconveniences you're so boldly and bravely tolerating now, though, are truly testing you and your character-- it's the way the universe strengthens you and nudges you to be all you can be, whether you're ready or not. This is a celestial opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, about those you share space with, about those who hold a heart beat in the same rhythm as you, and those who clearly do not.

Think of it this way: the way Jason Mraz suggests•••

"Open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you're free
Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love..."

Of course, it won't be so incredibly easy, but it's definitely a start.

A little review: it's a cardinal cross because the planets involved are all in cardinal signs; Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, Vesta/void in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn.

Cardinality represents change, effort, initiative, and movement-- forward movement. When the gas giants all come together to form recognizable square aspects to overlay your own nativity, major changes, upheavals, and course alternatives occur, both in your life and in the world. Where these fall in your chart is where you can expect to see, and plan for, these changes.

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Expectations.... ya'll know what I say about these, but you'll likely hold a few as Mercury applies a square to planet Pluto. And if Pluto can't hold you to harboring an expectation, nothing could.

The why's, how's, when's, and where's are brewing, possibly even the what's, but more than likely you're aware of what by now.

Lucky for you, these answers will be available for you, but you'll still want more. Insatiable, you're wanting, hell-- needing- to know everything. About everything. And now! Also, small talk is not appreciated now. You want to experience the hard, raw truths of all the taboo matters.

Thoughts now are especially important, especially in consideration to the thoughts-are-things theory, until Sunday. Try a visualization technique this week, envisioning greener pastures or brighter blue skies, for fun. What's the worst that could happen!?-- just try it. Don't expect anything, but sometimes simply believing will make it so; such is the magic of intention.

You may notice your thoughts and ideas and words are stronger now, more powerful, less subtle, less docile, possibly even your dreams more vivid. You need to be heard now and you'll take great lengths to assure that you are. Emotions, too, will be heightened, so do be mindful of this. You will feel it all. Also, words hold a much heavier weight than usual. Anything you say now can-- and will!- be potentially used against you... or, to your advantage-- the choice, as always, is up to you.

And, as always with Pluto, if you're not feeling overly intense or combative then chances are-- those around you are and you'll be unable to overlook that or ignore it. You or those you share space with could be defensive, extreme, forceful, critical, or conflicting-- even threatening. It's best to rise above, if so, and try to empathize, putting yourself in their shoes, in an attempt to see their point of view. You may be surprised.

Revelations toward higher truths are auspicious now.

If anything, for the next week••• say what you mean and mean what you say. And you'll be fine. In fact, you'll be better than fine-- you'll likely be honoring someone's expectation, but without the pressure wink

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Until tomorrow morning, in the wee earliest hours, before the sun moves in to Aries, it'll be moving through the 29th degree of Pisces.

Perspicacity serves you now; these Piscean waters offer deep insight and cleansing validation.

Use this.

Let go.

Start fresh.

It's a celestial new year... how does your first chapter read? Write on with conviction and with integrity. And grasp tightly on to the courage needed to say exactly what you need to say, in detail, with feeling.

This is a new year. Make it a good read.

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Happiest celestial new year to you, dear reader.

Tomorrow, on March 20th at 6:29am EDT* the sun will cross directly over the equator, and simultaneously move from 29° Pisces to 0° Aries and it is at this moment the vernal equinox will occur.

The vernal equinox, as most things were, was introduced originally by the Pagans, and was in preparation to observe Ēostre or Ostara (Old English: Ēastre [æːɑstre]Ostara), the Germanic goddess of dawn, responsible for the arrival and promise of spring.

Ostara, marking the changing of the seasons, from darkness to light once again, is one of the eight holidays of the modern pagan calendar, which, again, Christians eventually perverted in to their version of folklore and this one the celebration of Easter, contrived directly from the root of the pagan word.

Pagans celebrate Ostara as a day that light and darkness are equal and observe the balance of all things.

With the sun about to move in to Aries, emerging from the depths of Neptunian waters, we will see the light above the surface, eager to seek land, and emerge fresh, renewed, and most importantly, healed.

Mercury is already very much in Aries, blurting out truths and obvious realities while Venus retrogrades through the same terrain, in an effort to help us recognize our own power. Mars charges through Taurus, stabilizing the grounds we'll step on next month. All of these movements will make sense by this time in another lunar cycle, and will make all the difference as we go forth in to that good night.

May the celestial new year bless you and yours as the sun lights your days and the moon guides your nights; Mazel Tov, XO J

*5:29am CDT; 4:29am MDT; 3:29am PDT

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It's International Astrology Day, folks•••

Astrology is simply the study of time, cycles and patterns.

If you've ever celebrated your birthday, celebrated a pagan holiday-- which, unsurprisingly, would be any of the Christian holidays, or celebrated an event that was scheduled specifically; referred to the time of day by clock or calendar; or scheduled something yourself to a specific day/time over another••• you've practiced the more mundane uses of astrology.

If you've ever noticed the small nuances of the seasons, or the more overt cyclical changes that the seasons create and sustain••• you've noticed the very patterned, very timed evolutions that astrology finds its basis within.

If you've ever gazed up at the stars••• you've paid a spiritual homage to the very beginnings from which you've come.
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