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King and King Bankruptcy Attorneys
King & King Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Atlanta For Over 30 Years
King & King Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Atlanta For Over 30 Years

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Considering Bankruptcy? King & King Can Help.
Deciding to declare bankruptcy is a big decision. It can
provide relief, but it can also be a complicated process. At King & King bankruptcy attorneys , we are here to offer unbiased information and support so you
can make the best decision for your future....

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Do You Need to
Take the Means Test to Declare Bankruptcy in Georgia? The Means Test is a complicated calculation that the Georgia
bankruptcy court uses to ensure that bankruptcy cases are filed as the correct
chapter. If you have an income that is higher th...

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Three Tips For Financial Success After Filing Bankruptcy In Georgia
Once your bankruptcy has been discharged, you’ll have the
chance to start fresh. At King & King, it’s true that we want to help you
move forward with your bankruptcy , but we also want to help you set yourself up
for future success. Here are three things we...

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How Does Lien Stripping Work In Georgia?
Filing for bankruptcy has the potential to eliminate many
kinds of debts. However, debts secured by a lien are not always included. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used to eliminate or reduce different types of liens. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptc...

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Four Options For Eliminating Credit Card Debt In Georgia.
Credit card debt can quickly become overwhelming.
Fortunately, you don’t have to live with credit card debt forever. King &King can help you  eliminate your debts and put you on a path to a brighter financial
future.  Here are a few strategies for
climbing ...

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Should I File For Bankruptcy In 2017?
Bankruptcy can be an excellent way to get a fresh start and
a brighter financial future. If your debt is holding you back from pursuing
your dreams or even just living a normal, stress-free life, you may want to consider
filing for bankruptcy in 2017. Here ...

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Will Anyone Know If I file For Bankruptcy In Georgia?
At King & King, we’ve worked with many clients who worry
about declaring bankruptcy. They may not be sure what the short-term and
long-term effects will be, they’re afraid it may be too difficult to file, or
they worry that filing bankruptcy may take too lo...

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Three Tips To Help You Save More In 2017
It’s February and you have 10 more months to get your finances back on track before 2018. Starting a budgeting plan right now is the best way to look forward to a promising future. Saving money is easier than you think. Here are three steps to help you save...

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What Should I Expect At My Bankruptcy Consultation?
While bankruptcy can be stressful, filing is your first step
towards achieving real, lasting, financial freedom. Once you make the decision
to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy , call King & King in Atlanta, Georgia for a free consultat...

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Can Bankruptcy Stop Debt Collectors in Georgia?
How Can Bankruptcy
Stop Debt Collectors? If you’re looking for relief from non-stop phone calls and
e-mails from bill collectors you may be wondering how bankruptcy protection works. Bankruptcy can stop all collection activity. When you file bankruptcy an “...
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