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Institutional Policy and the Mainstreaming of Online Learning
I got my first exposure to online
learning in the early 1990s at the University of Maryland University
College.   In those pre-web days, UMUC
developed its first online baccalaureate degree program.   A few years later, I was back at Penn State,
where, in 1...

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Considering the Voters
This election season, it has been
hard not to talk about politics in situations where one normally avoids
it.   Recently, I was at an “appreciation
dinner” for donors and volunteers.   At my
table, we pretty much avoided talking about the individual candida...

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Learning Communities
Last year, I wrote a piece on “ Re-ImaginingContinuing Education, ” which focused on the need for universities to re-invigorate the continuing
education function in order to meet the needs of the dramatically changing
communities that we serve.   One thing ...

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In Defense of Hillary Clinton
“ I get it that some people just don't know what to make of
me.” That is Hillary Clinton i n
her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.    Throughout her campaign, she has had to deal
with what people see as differences between her public ...

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Revisiting the Sixties
few days ago, I volunteered to help encourage Penn State students to register
for the vote.   At the start-up meeting, a
young woman next to me asked if I had done this sort of thing before.   I answered that my wife and I had gone door
to doo...

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A Lesson from Jane Addams Revisted
I first posted the following item back in 2013, at the beginning of President Obama's second term in office.  I am posting it today for two reasons.  First, it is Jane Addams birthday.  Second, the lessons we can learn from her are as relevant today--if not...

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Policy Lessons from "Hillbilly Elegy"
I just finished reading Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.   It is an amazing book and, I think, and
important one.             I
had imagined that Hillbilly Elegy would be a kind of social culture study of the Scots-Irish who came to the U.S.
and settled in Ke...

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Some thoughts on the implications of "free college."

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Free College: Implications for the Curricluum
Over the past few months, national
politicians have begun to propose important changes in our public education
system.   Specifically, they have proposed
that some aspects of higher education be funded in ways similar to how we fund
K-12 schooling.   The Ob...
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