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Let me tell you a story, bout them CS blues
Let me tell you a story, bout them CS blues

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Shared for me own mental health.  Because words.
BLOG: You stand at the edge while people run you through

Everyone who has Depression experiences it in a different way, but I think it’s safe to say that all of us have days when it sits more heavily on us than others. I realized yesterday morning that I’ve been struggling under more depression and anxiety than…

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I must admit a bit of guiltiness in religion development in my games. Will be more cognizant now, hopefully.
Ten Easy Steps to Creating Religions (Poorly)

1. Everyone has a book of scripture. It should read like the King James Bible. Don't skimp on the begats.
2. 90% of your mythology should involve the creation myth. Ideally, there will be a war between good and evil gods.
3. Remember: in polytheistic societies, everyone has one god that they follow to the exclusion of all others.
4. Faith trumps ritual every time.
5. The earth and the moon are always goddesses; the sky and the sun are always gods.
6. Religion is always hostile to both magic and scientific progress.
7. If a religious culture comes into conflict with another, the reason is always religious.
8. All myths have been preserved perfectly since the beginning of history. They are never reinterpreted or altered.
9. Devotees of a religion can be distinguished by their vows of chastity unless they are evil. Evil devotees are recognizable by their non-traditional sexualities.
10. Religious enthusiasm is not only comparable to mental illness, but can best be represented by using examples from the DSM-IV.

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Your words impart your meaning.  Watch them.

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Support EFF if you can :-)
SparkFun is donating 10% of today's sales to EFF. Hackers and makers, now's the time to stock up on electronics.

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Because my parents thought I should have a tree :-)  I only used a small part of a tree to make her, instead of the whole thing.  Image courtesy of HP (note, while I am an HP employee, I do not represent HP and any thoughts or opinions are my own)  #MerryChristmas  

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#FateCore  excitation!  Just picked up the playtest off the kickstarter campaign.  Looking forward to convincing a gaming group to play it.  Hope to have one in line soon :-)  Of course, I've already got more games going atm than ever before in my life, so mayhaps will have to wait until one game is retired.

Why do I like Fate so much?  The rules practically enforce story building.  They also a mixture of positive and negative aspects.  Your Brute Force aspect only comes into play when it's narratively appropriate, rather than helping you kill everything 20% faster.  The few games of FATE 2.0 I played played more like a story than a slog, and the simplicity of 4dF made running it so much more fun than looking up chart xxx on page yyy to see what the difficulty of climbing a wall should be; it would take a Great effort to make it over in time.  Yes, I have most of those memorised for D&D 3.5, but by the point they come into play the wizard Quadratically nullifies the encounter.  In Fate, I get to balance the wizard however I want---and the limit on the number of skills makes it easier to keep them from overshadowing everyone always.

(Note: perhaps the problem with the D&D wizard isn't that he's too powerful, but rather that the other non-magicers aren't powerful enough.  I understand there's the 'balance over the campaign' argument, but I'd rather the game be fun for everyone always, not 'oh noes, I ran out of my 2 magic missiles' at first level and 'oh noes, I can't cast magic' at 14th).

((It looks like I accidently a balance rant))

Yes, part of my love is that it is the first narrative indie game I found.  I could see Risus in the same light, perhaps, if I'd found it first; PDQ also looks interesting.  However, I have fallen in love with Fate, and thus it is.

/me has been in love with Fate since finding the pdf of FATE 2.0 a couple years ago


/me rolls 4dF on excitability.  ++0+!  I am Greatly excited for Fate Core

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Do something about it... #defendinnovation
Apple and Samsung should compete in the marketplace. Lawsuits like these are the product of a broken patent system.

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Live music is more fun than I remembered. Friday Night Music will be worth attending again.

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On the quest for a perfect cup
Some of the methods shown here are cringe inducing, but there's still a lot of love in this video...
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