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Wow...what is up with this´╗┐
In a recent blog post, Jars of Clay lead singer Dan Haseltine said that the band's new album moves in a new direction, away from the evangelical church.
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Terrible about even calling let alone an email. Sent resume in numerous times but I suppose they round file mine every time because not once have I even heard word 1 from them
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Good retail exprience but the MP3 stuff they do is shit. If you reach an auth limit your devices, and you can easily, you are screwed after your first re-auth. Yeah. Screwed!. You have to wait 30 days for the system to unlock your devices. Wait. What? Yep. 30 days. And, if you want to download music you purchased, well, you are horked. Ohh sure they promise that you can but try getting ahold of the inept MP3 department. They are useless top help you. Cusatomer service? No. Customer Dis-service. Folks, Amazon is great if you don work for them. If you do, and I wont, they will own your behiney. You are a slave!. Yep a indentured servant and they remind you of that by telling you how lucky you are to have your balls busted every day just so you can work at amazon while they ruin your work/life balance. Ohh, but I digress. Annnyway. Avoid purchasing MP3 ANYTHING from Bezosians and go the way of iTunes. At least with iTunes when you de-auth your 6 account limit you can reauth again and not wait some assanine 30 day mental workout. Ok. That's my take.
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