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Travelling: Learning About Myself
Having been away from home for seven months now (today!), and with only a couple of handfuls of weeks left, I’m starting to reflect. It’s hard not to when you’re beginning to flag: when the travel fatigue is setting in and you’re struggling to appreciate th...

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Travelling: Expectations & Achievements
Before I quit my job, gave up my flat and left the country I had so many expectations of what this time away would entail. Choosing to essentially walk away from your life, particularly when you're settled with community and 'a place in the world' can be sc...

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My Wedding Speech
The whirlwind of wedding craziness is passing, and perhaps in an effort to not lose touch with the day I want to share my wedding speech here. Perhaps in another post I will talk about how we managed to get married in a relatively traditional way while stic...

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Finding my worth
Last Saturday was International Women’s Day, and I am currently in New York at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, fighting for girls’ rights to be recognised rather than rolled back. My fiancé wrote a wonderful ‘shout out’ to me, praising me as ‘amaz...

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Today, I'm still breathing
Some days, I feel deep down in my heart that there’s just something wrong with me. Like I was born broken. Like I don’t have the ability that everyone else seems to have to do normal every day things. To be satisfied. To be ok with the small talk and the pr...

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I am a girl (or at least a young woman), I have my own history, I'm living my own life. Which is strange because if you ask me what it means to be a girl I will answer you in statistics and stereotypes. I will talk about things that have never happened to m...

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"Take it like a man"
Let me start with a scenario and you can do your best to imagine it. Imagine you are me. You're at a BBQ with some friends. You haven't been part of their community for very long so you're still very self-conscious and aware that they are all quite differen...

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Growing, as a woman of faith
It’s taking a lot of courage for me to write this post. But it’s something that I feel I have to do, to at least get my thoughts and feelings out of my head. I have spent the last two weeks in New York at the 58th session of the UN Commission on the Status ...

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What right do I have?
I've been trying to write
this blog for quite a while now. I started it almost three weeks ago and aside
from being crazy busy at work, something just hasn't felt right. Despite
feeling like I've known exactly what I've wanted to say I just haven't been

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Put your hope in a hummingbird
It is with great sadness that I started writing this
post. Last week at work, I was asked to make a list of any VIPs
or guests I thought should come to our three-yearly World Conference. I was
thinking big. I was thinking inspiring. I was thinking of someon...
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