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Lafli Evarretta
I'm a Shrink, a Keyboarist, a tita, and a Folder 0_0
I'm a Shrink, a Keyboarist, a tita, and a Folder 0_0

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Thank you Lord for always molding each person including me each day to be a better person. ^-^

I may be in a new world now in the field of career, but I am happy because being a College Instructor is really a very fulfilling Job.

I hope I would be able to teach all of my students the best that I can be. No matter how hard the attitude of some of them, I will never surrender imparting knowledge and wisdom on to my students, because I heart and care for them :)

Both sides should always be equal.

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Thank you ,leslie for the Video :)

It's not what they think but how they feel that matters most.


Already done with Awarding the Winners of Cybermath Challenge. Later, Tatay and I will have a dinner date at the Chef D. :D


It's never too late than never :D

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This video became a flash back to me. Why could be there are some people that tends to be so mean. Is it really true, that life could never be happy without this "MEAN" people? haaaayst.


Just Do It :D

Let's save the boat before it sinks. :')


We will survive!!
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