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I just did some rough science and it turns out my mobile phone charges more than 3x faster from the power outlet than from USB.

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As if Archie Vs Predator wasn't awesome enough, there's a Jughead meets Mind MGMT strip in the back of issue 3! 
And if you haven't read the comic Mind MGMT, you should. It's only the best comic ever written.
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Samurai Cat! I have to see this movie :) 

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Just finished watching the final episode in our re-run of BSG. I'd forgotten just how brilliant the series was! Definitely one of my favourite sci-fi series ever.

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Private Git repos hosted on Google Cloud Platform. I love BitBucket but this is interesting 

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Next time you're having a bad day at work, just think of this little guy I just drew :)

I love this...
German-born Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss created one of the most well-known algebraic formulas at the age of 10. As the story goes, Gauss’ teacher told the class to find the sum of adding all the numbers 1-100. Two minutes later, Gauss turned in his paper. Instead of adding, he found a pattern: 1+100=101, 2+99=101, 3+98=101, and so on and so forth. Therefore, all he needed to do was figure out how many pairs there were (50) and multiply that number by 101.

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Christopher Lee was so awesome!
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