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I'm now a C.O. for NC State. I'm trying to do what's right.
I'm now a C.O. for NC State. I'm trying to do what's right.

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This article distorts Mr. Trump's positions. He's against Abortion, he's Pro 2nd Amendment, he's Pro Law Enforcement and he wants to build up the Military. He wants to stop illegal immigration and start a vetting process that will keep out terrorist threats. All those accusations are what Hillary stands for. She's the one that must be stopped. Cruz promised to support the Republican Nominee. He hasn't as of yet. If he didn't want to, he didn't have to speak to the convention. Kasich stayed away and it was in his State. We had 3 Democrats Speak at the Convention. The Mayor of Cleveland, the County Commissioner, and Sheriff Clarke from Milwaukee. Sheriff Clarke Endorsed Donald Trump.

I watched the New Star Trek Trailer. It looks real good. Can't wait. May 17th 2013. It'll be a excellent movie to start the next summer.
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