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Hey guys. Please help my engineer friend by voting for her project! She will get funding for her work if she wins. Takes just a second! It's the 'NOVA' one.

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Follow my new photo-focused Instagram account!

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I've been uploading daily pictures to my new photography-focused Instagram account. Follow me if you want to check them out!

Also, please do give me your thoughts on these photos when you feel inspired to. 

Boy. The last episode of #AHSHotel was intense. +Lady Gaga​ is killing it with those scenes! Two episodes, two times I have been awed. So amazingly hot.

Who else is watching?

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Just trying to win a free camera! Sign up if you want in too. 

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Hey guys,

I am excited to share my latest photos with you. This was something different. I worked with Iman from Iman's Henna Tattoo and managed to capture some great images depicting her mehndi art, religion and culture. 

To me it's very interesting to see a Muslimah in Tijuana. They are very few, so I feel like these images are very special. Please give them a look and tell me what you think. 

Oh, and hit up Iman to get your henna tattoos! She does some awesome work and has good prices. Totally recommended!

Alright #apple, let's move on to what actually makes this "the most advanced phone". Oh, you are already talking about it?

So #apple #3DTouch is pretty much ForceTouch with a bunch of gesture features. Not really "breakthrough technogy". 

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Build in cheats... I don't like this one bit. 

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Is anyone going to be around Comic-Con? Say hi to me if you see me! 
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