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Salwa Samra
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Author, Poet, Writer.

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Remain to Remember

When water cascades atop the waterfall
When daylight folds its sky to night
When waves of the ocean raise the seas
Will you remember to remember me?

When night's curtains are pulled to daylight
When bids orchestrate their songs to dawn
When mountain reach their final peak
Will you remember to remember me?

When the skies canvas shines its blush
When deceit impersonates truth
When tears scorn the lashes sorrowfully
Will you remember to remember me?

When my hand is cold at your touch
When my heart guards itself from you
When my body settles to reject your decree
Will you remain in remembering me?

Salwa Samra © 2017
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.

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~ Once upon a story there was a time when common sense prevailed over political correctness.
Once upon a story there was time when people read time's stories.
Once upon a story there were people whose time was their story.

Once upon a story there was....


~ Shall we choose busy, as opposed to choosing time?
Busy usually wins, over time.
Time begs for our attention.
Our attention begs for time ~

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Waterfall Tears

Shifting my gaze from waterfall tears
Peeping to heights, sobbing falls, grounded

Resounding thumps, thunderous cries expand
There they disembark, there they anchor

Pools of lament, weep to be noticed
Pleads of sorrow, sigh in their whimper

Mourning fastens on waters of despair
Shall this outcry be berthed in declaration?

Wet droplets form, the rage wildly surges
Foaming the screams of vindication, unheard

Falling, falling, in rushing winds of violence
Mankind abandoned on parch, deaf ears

Hate overflows in love’s deluge
Injustices advance to liberate evil

Dried eyes bow to collapsing desperation
Avalanches of plea saturate, graciously

No relieve dare soar to anguish’s drowning
Deadened, Deadened, to anarchy and turmoil

Forsake this agony in brutal rejection
Deep, deep, in these waters of fear

SalwaSamra © 2016
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or partwithout permission is prohibited


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More than a mystery...She is a mood

She creates an ambiguity, vague in its clarity
Her scent, telling of the atmosphere she allures
Her eyes, capture my spirit in its lowliness
Her mouth, echoes sounds, I’m rendered wordless

She’s a mystery, known to the strangely
She’s a secret, beguiling the hearts of men
On her breath, sweetness tempts bitter affliction
How violent...that affliction pierces the heart

In her steps, I walk to calm my chest, it pulsates
Anxiety, my companion, retrieved from her beauty
Harm, I long for it, if harm draws me closer
Pain, I shall seek after it, charm me, I beg

In disguise, I peer through my hearts curtain
There rests my character, it recites from you
Happiness pleads with me, forsake her, justly
Impressions entreat me to petition inequity

But for her lips, I long to initiate a touch
But for her hair, shelter me, it shall be my warmth
But for her voice, caress it in nature’s tones
But for her smile, engrave it on my emotions

More than a mystery....she is my mood
Awakes me to anticipation, deems me to survive
Urgency of her presence compels coveting
I am unknown to her, less than a mystery

SalwaSamra © 2016
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or partwithout permission is prohibited

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Was ‪Mohammed‬ unable to control his wild, sexual passions and perversions?

Upon, multiple examination of the Hadith's, namely, "Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim," two of the most adhered and reputable Hadith's that Muslim's live by, I'm uncovering and discovering the unwholesome, highly questionable, sadistic and sexual appetites of #Mohammed, according to Islamic sources, not my own opinion. It's all in the Qur'an, ‪Hadith‬s of Mohammed and the ‪Sunna‬.

I was aware of Mohammed's lewd appetite for sex, however, I endeavoured to let that go, for a while. Although, upon my many studies that I was required to pay attention to, it became apparent to me, that as I looked deeper in these other Islamic studies of the #Qur'an, #Hadith's and the #Sunna, I was habitually introduced to a pattern.

The continual, revolving door of the pattern? - Mohammed's ‪#‎sexual‬ ‪#‎appetite‬ and his ability to "allow," himself permission to attempt any and all things sexual, because, whenever Mo was caught, or whenever he was questioned, he would suddenly come up with a "new revelation from God."

These revelations, of course, were so obviously manufactured that even his own wives and some of his follower's questioned Mohammed (I'll also call him "Mo," - to save me the time of typing his full name) however, if they questioned him, too far, it was to their detriment.

The more examination into Islam and the further study I delve in to has uncovered to me many disconcerting and troublesome characteristics of the man Islam holds dear to - Mohammed.
Allow me to reassure you, 90% of Muslim's don't know what they're following, or believing, rather, they simply follow family and oral traditions.

I explained this to my husband, the other day, by giving him an example. My example? The Masonic Lodge - and their set up.

I will continue my quest in uncovering the truth and the facts of this very disturbing ideology and "supposed" religion.

Why do I continue my studies in Islam?
For the love of my Muslim family and friends and their well-being.

If we are to believe Islamic accounts, one can believe and almost understand why Aisha and Mohammed's Jewish wife (Of whom Mo killed her father and brother, than took her as a wife) actually murdered him, with poison.

My studies will continue. My raising awareness will never cease.

~ I'm a dreamer. I'm a visionary thinker. I'm a future planner. I'm a legacy proposer. I'm a justice advocator. I'm a stubborn fighter. I'm frustratingly determined. I'm intensely passionate. I'm tenacious. Im a writer.

I don't just accept things, easily. I scrutinise. I examine. I dissect. I rip things apart, until I work out why, what, when and how.

I have many weaknesses. Many, many weaknesses. I use fasting to discipline myself. I don't compete with others. I'm a strident person who competes with herself.

I hold myself to high account. I'm very hard on myself and the expectations I expect from myself.

Why am I sharing this?
None of us are exempt from our strengths and weaknesses.
We all have our gifts, talents and strengths and we all have our flaws, failures and weaknesses.

We are contrasting.
We are human.

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~ Once upon a story, there was a time...

It was a grand ol' time.

A time where people could discuss matters and disagree, without being shunned.
A time when people could sit around a table, eat, drink and be merry and have different views and opinions, and still continue along in their merriness.
A time when friendships were based on the heart of a person, not on what that person believed.
A time when people could come together laugh, love and enjoy each other's company, even though these people were different, in many ways.
A time when forgiveness wasn't so abhorred, nor love so shallow.
A time when kindness was extended, without anything expected in return.
A time when a person's word was sufficient enough and contracts needed not to be drawn.
A time when honesty, faithfulness and loyalty was considered three of the most highest of virtues.
A time when yes, meant yes, and no meant no.
A time when reality was accepted and illusions were disregarded.
A time when peace really meant peace and war was recognised as war.
A time when time was treasured.
A time when money wasn't everything.
A time when love lasted a lifetime.

~ Once upon a story, there was a time...
salwa samra
salwa samra

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~ Love Languages

Good morning, everyone, from Australia. In my upcoming YouTube program, I will be discussing, with my viewers, the "languages of love." Demonstrating through our differing personalities, how we give love, receive love, accompanied by an understanding of our partners love language. In a world that is reeling with terror, currently, my hope is that we will focus on love.

Salwa Samra
Salwa Samra
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