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Melaney Lubey
Anthropologie taste, Ross budget.
Anthropologie taste, Ross budget.

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My year of Yes. What I learned in 2016.
2016 was my year of yes.  After choosing to leave the comfort of a corporate job, the urgency in saying “yes” became apparent.  In my mind, it felt as if anything was ever going to work, 2016 would be the year that those seeds would be planted.  With that m...

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This is motherhood today - exactly at this moment:
It's after 10 pm on a Thursday night.  My husband just finished a sink full of dishes ranging from our run-of-the-mill spaghetti dinner to my spare pump parts while I stare blankly into the glaring white space of a blog page. The page feels like the floresc...

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2014 In Life Lessons
Last year I published the year in life lessons on January 17th.  2014 was looking like it would be a stellar year- I'd started working out with a personal trainer, my husband was contemplating grad school and I had a goal of competing in my first tough mudd...

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What I learned: The Pregnancy Edition
I imagined pregnancy to be this life-affirming magical period in which I woke up every morning with rays of sunshine streaming from my vagina.  THEN, I saw the two lines on the pregnancy test and my world shifted.   I've been enamored with pregnancy since b...

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Deer Parks & Dhoom 3: India Part 2
As the days went on, India started to make more sense. The truths I started to understand in Delhi & Pushkar cemented as we moved to Jaipur.  And more often than not, it was my own illusions that were proven wrong. I'm not always comfortable with public dis...

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They Stare at Foreigners: India Part 1
My husband and I were visiting family in Florida when the realization hit.  I had to go to India.  We had spoken about our desire to travel  before, and although I hadn't visited anywhere outside North America,we tabled the journey due to debt and a desire ...

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2013 in Life Lessons
It may be sentimental or trite, but I can't help but feel excitement at the beginning of every year.  It's my chance to take personal inventory about what happened in the past 12 months.  It's the time to look at all of the things that were really happening...

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3% Conference Recap: Confessions of a Non-creative
I am not a creative. I possess creativity. I have creative thoughts. Sometimes I paint. But am I “a creative?” No, sir. Quite the opposite: I am a project manager at a digital agency, but I work for a man who supports the growth of women in technology.  He ...

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To My Girlfriends
 Preface:  Every once in a while, I find myself overwhelmed with love and adoration for the amazing women in my life.   This love letter has been added to and edited over the years. It has changed with lives changes.  The message remains the same. The lette...

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Who are you and why are you starting a blog anyway?
Let's just get it over with.  You know.. the initial post where I explain who I am and my grand goals for this venture. Who am I? My name is Melaney but it's spelled weird, so everyone calls me Mel.  I am a married 30 something with great husband and an ado...
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