Special Summer Edition: Ted Neward on "Rethinking Enterprise"

Delivered as a keynote at CodeMash earlier this year, this talk will help every professional software developer think more clearly about what we're doing and why. 

about the talk: The era of the big, heavy, transactionally-oriented client/server topology, as best described by the J2EE Specification and Blueprints document, seems to be over. The era of the lightweight, transactionally-oriented client/server topology seems to be at its zenith. Is this really where we want to be when building enterprise systems? And how did we end up here, anyway? What's the new "enterprise" developer supposed to do? 

about the presenter: http://www.tedneward.com

Thanks to our special sponsors, who brought Ted here from Seattle:
SBS Creatix  - sbscreatix.com
Adaptive Solutions Group - adaptivesg.com
Talentporte - talentporte.com
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