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Danny Kingston
Father and fantasy food writer
Father and fantasy food writer

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Jewelled Pumpkin Rice with Crispy Onions
I did it. After wittering on about eating less meat in this New Year's post , I finally did it and made something that did not include any animal parts or meaty flavourings. Which sounds awful because we don't continually gnaw on bones at home. Far from it....

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Frozen Fortune: Iceland's Food Waste Campaign.
In an effort to cut down on food waste in our house, we have employed lots of different tricks, such as shopping regularly (little and often), ignoring sell-by dates (by using our noses) and by simply throwing whatever wrinkled, stale bits and pieces we hav...

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We’re not even halfway through January yet and if you are anything like me, you may already be experiencing a certain malaise, or discomfort, with regards to the boom of healthy eating and exercising that traditionally explodes during this barren month. Inb...

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Crumpetgate II
The one thing that I really love about this marvellous world of food of ours, is that it is always full of surprises. Surprises that can be found around the corner, down alleyways, up trees and well, everywhere really. My gob is perpetually smacked and I am...

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Happy New Year
So, as per usual, much eating and drinking was done over the festive period. Too much maybe? Most definitely but it is a holiday dedicated to feasting after all. One of the highlights was the rib of beef we had on New Years Day, over at our friends' place i...

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1000 Cookbooks
It's probably a bit late for Christmas present buying now but I have finally entered my top ten cookbooks for 1000 Cookbooks ; a project and app that aims to collect and compile recommendations from hundreds of chefs, authors, bloggers and food professional...

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Edible Foodie Gifts for Christmas
Goose confit set atop red cabbage Over at Great British Chefs, as part of their extreme foodie gifting guide , I was commissioned to come up with some alternative Christmas goodies, that can be devoured once you've ripped that sparkly wrapping paper off. My...

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Triple Flip
Attempted a triple flip this morning. But the pancake ended up on the floor. I have never seen the kids look so happy before.

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How To Make The Perfect Brewers Goulash by Budweiser Budvar
Three stages of garlic There are many things that I like to get up to in the kitchen, some activities which could be regarded as questionable (I bottled up some elderberry and banana wine yesterday) but one of my favourite pastimes is to chop and macerate g...

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Norwegian Fjord Trout Cook School with Daniel Galmiche and Adam Gray
First he lifts the greaseproof paper up. And then he puts the greaseproof paper down. Then it goes up again. Oh and now it's coming back down. But no, wait, the paper goes up once more and now he is shaking it about. The paper is going up and down, up and d...
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