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Danny Kingston
Father and fantasy food writer
Father and fantasy food writer

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Mill Street Pub and Kitchen, Oakham
Talking to strangers always has an enlivening effect on me. So much so, that I often wonder why I don't do it more, initiating or participating in conversations that come out of the blue. Or from a simple willingness to answer a question. The buzz I get fro...

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Goat Lahmacun
During the school holidays, we often have hoards of children running around our house, destroying everything in their wake. This sounds fairly horrific doesn’t it? However, it is simply part of a system we employ as parents, with other parents and relatives...

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Borough Market Food Photography Residency with John Holdship
There is nothing like watching a grown man, all dressed in purple, taking a photo of a block of butter and feeling safe in the knowledge, that he knows exactly what he is doing. If I were given the task of doing the same, there is no doubt that I would spen...

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Spanish Chicken with Rice, Sherry and Sweety Drop Peppers
Ordinarily, I am always up for injecting a bit of patience and time into proceedings when cooking. An afternoon in the kitchen, chopping and whittling vegetables down into their smaller constituent parts is time well spent and braising joints of meat overni...

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Wild Garlic, Egg and Bacon Filo Pie
Don't tell anyone this but I bought some gardening clogs the other day. Signalling a new direction in my life, going rapidly south. The kids are only 9 but they've already noticed this sea change and are no doubt thinking horrible thoughts, as they see me s...

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Iceland's Luxury Rack of Lamb with Yeasted Cauliflower, Spinach and Fried Caper Berries
Given that I have now the steered the ship of approximately 2381 barbecues, you'd think that I would be quite the veteran or expert by now, wouldn't you? Well, yes, I am. Let's make no bones about this. Having spent a large part of my formative years hunche...

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Whole Deep Fried Poussin with Tarragon Mayonnaise and Potato Wedges
The internet can get you into a whole load of trouble. It can put ideas in your head. Dangerous ideas. Like deep-frying a whole turkey. I first stumbled across this novel way of cooking a while ago, whilst scanning YouTube for outlandish food experiments. A...

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Whole Braised Oxtail with Trotter Gear
Whole braised oxtail with shallots, carrots and rosemary (and Trotter Gear) Buying a whole piece of oxtail takes a certain degree of bravery. Largely because it looks like a tail and if you share the same past experience as me, you will know that once you'v...

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Rhubarb Gin
This post was supposed to be about whole braised oxtail. After receiving consultation in my shell-like in a pub recently, about hammering out snappier, micro-recipe type posts, it was supposed to be my first. However, I got off on the wrong foot by witterin...

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How the sausage rolled from Norfolk to Barnes
Every January for the last few years I have been making a pilgrimage down to the quiet and leafy town of Barnes, West London with one goal in mind: to scarf as many sausage rolls as humanly possible down my greedy little throat. And before you ask, no, ther...
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