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Newmar Manufacturer of DC Power Products
Newmar Manufacturer of DC Power Products


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Newmar at United Telecom Council (UTC) Telecom and Technology 2015 booth 537

Powering the Utility Telecom Network with DC Power Systems and components: Power Plants, Rectifiers, DC converters, Inverters, Battery Chargers, and Distribution Panels. Offering system requirements evaluation, configuration, and integration.

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iDAS and oDAS DC Power & Distribution Combination 

Ease the Installation Process While Lowering Deployment Costs

Fuse DC Distribution Panel

• High density distribution system distributes -48V from Head-End to remote nodes/antennas
• Supports and provides back-ups power to 40 locations
• Class 2 rated distribution panel any technician can install and maintain without expensive conduit
• NEBS Certified

Sentinel DC Power System

• 3 power bays accept 600 watt modular, hot swap rectifiers, -48VDC
33 amp, 1,800 watt output capacity
• SNMP monitoring and control
• 4 DC circuit breaker distribution
• 1RU, 19"

For more information on DC Power Solutions for iDAS applications, 
contact Jeff Wright at 714-619-3458 or by email: 

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We are proud to announce a new catalog devoted to Powering the Mobile Network for transportion, specialty and public safety vehicles, and industrial applications. The catalog features DC Power Solutions for DC UPS, Battery Chargers, Power Supplies, DC-AC Inverters and Inverter-Chargers, DC-DC Converters, DC Power Stabilizers, DC Power Distribution, Low Voltage Disconnects, Power Timer, Battery Integrators and Battery Isolators, Noise Filters, Automatic Power Selectors, Solar Panels, Custom Electrical Panels, Meters and Installation Accessories

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8 Position Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel

Our newest rackmount DC Power Distribution, model 
DST-100/8 is an 8 position circuit panel that provides system integrators a flexible solution for DC power distribution on 12, 24 and 48 volt rackmount applications

Front panel indicators provide system status: Power available, and if breaker is tripped/off position. In addition, remote monitoring is provided via form C contact indicating tripped breaker condition. The panel’s compact 2 RU height saves valuable rack space and the barrier terminal blocks on rear panel provide convenient wire terminals landing points, and simplifies cable management.

For more information,  visit

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Site Power Monitor Reduces Copper Theft

Going wireless is generally a good thing, except when it’s a result of thieves breaking into your remote site and stealing the copper and fiber cables.

This frequently occurring scenario happened to a gas pipeline operator who was experiencing a rash of wire loss at their remote pumping/monitor stations, rendering the site useless, causing extended down time and high expense to repair the system. They had already successfully deployed the Site Power Monitor (SPM-200) to report site power and other conditions via Ethernet, and thought they would have a chance to catch the thieves if they could use the SPM-200 to send an early warning signal that the site was being pillaged. The solution involved configuring the SPM-200 auxiliary input contacts to connect to a form C sensor on the hut’s door which reported a door open alarm which was programmed through the SPM-200 to send an e-mail notification to the sheriff in the area.

After adding this configuration to the SPM-200, results were almost immediate, reported door open alams came from several locations, and sheriffs were able to catch the thieves in 
the act.

The SPM-200 provides web based monitoring of multiple conditions: AC voltage (both mains and back-up), DC voltage, current, temperature, and as in the example above, inputs can be programmed for multiple sensors such as door open alarms, water leak detector, and IP cameras.

For more information,

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Tech Tip: Calculating Power Requirements for N+1 Redundancy

A common miscalculation in determining N+1 rectifier redundancy is omitting the power necessary to re-charge a battery after an outage. To consider only the telecom load which is N, then adding one more rectifier for the +1 may leave the system with a reliability deficiency. 

True N+1 rectifier redundancy is defined as having enough rectifier output to carry the system load plus recharge a fully discharged battery in a specified time +1 more rectifier in case of a rectifier failure.

The formula looks like this:

R = Load + (AH out x 120%)/Hours for recharge

R = rectifier amp output required

L = the system load in amps

AH = is the amp hours taken out of the battery during 
a discharge 

120% is the factor of input power needed for the batteries to recharge.
Hours = the customer’s specified time for batteries to be recharged and ready for use after a full discharge.

Example of a case where you could come up short if not applying the complete formula.

95 amp load with (3) 50A rectifiers would seem to be N+1 but not really!

Here is the calculation: 95 amps + (80AH out of the battery x 120%)/8 hours = 107 amps to meet spec.

If one of the (3) rectifiers fail you will only have 100 amps available. Not enough to recharge the battery in the specified time. In this case you would need 4 rectifiers to meet N+1.

Please contact us if you need assistance in calculating your power system specifications: including N+ 1 calculation, battery sizing, and monitoring parameters.

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Powering the Network! Newmar offers the most extensive line of DC Power products with an earned reputation of high reliability and quality in powering wireless networks in Broadband, iDAS, oDAS, Microwave, Cellular and Land Mobile applications. 12V, 24V, & 48V DC Power solutions include DC Power Systems, Hot Swap Rectifiers, Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters, Distribution Panels, DC Power Monitors, DC Power Conditioners, and Installation Accessories.

Come on by booth 960 to see what is new in the world of DC Power for wireless applications!

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Ideal for Enclosure Applications. Available in 12, 24, 48 Volt, 10 Amps

Combines all system power functions: power supply, battery charger, UPS circuitry and status monitoring in ONE compact DIN rail mount unit
• Dual outputs for load and battery
• “Load priority” output distribution ensures power is dedicated first to the load with remainder then allocated to battery charging, thus preventing a discharged battery from impacting operation of critical loads.
• 3 step charging for rapid battery recovery, programmable for battery
type, with optional temperature compensation sensor
• Battery automatically supports load anytime AC fails
• Low voltage disconnect protects battery from total discharge
• Automatic periodic battery health diagnosis
• High operating temperature range to 70˚ C (158˚ C)
• Alarm contacts: AC fail, battery at risk

Click here for more information on the DIN Rail DC UPS Series

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Reboot DC Equipment Without Getting Your Shoes Dirty

Picture this scene at the network operations center:

Friday night, 4:45. The call comes in, “Hey Joe, looks like
the 48 volt router on our Signal Hill site has locked up,
get in the truck and get up there and do the reset.”
Joe responds, “I ain’t doing it, last time it took me 4 hours
driving through the snow just to get there. I’m staying
right here at my desk, because we now have Newmar’s
DST-8-RB DC reboot panel installed, now all I have to
do is log on to the internet and can remotely cycle the
power. I’ll do it right now; the site will be back up in just
a few minutes…”

This scenario demonstrates the great benefit of this reboot
DC power distribution panel. It virtually eliminates
service hours to reset DC equipment, and reduces down
time due to remote equipment lock- up. By simply
logging into the web panel interface, you have on-off
power control of the eight 15 amp circuits. The system
also offers automatic load priority programmability
allowing you to specify the timing and sequence that
power is applied after an outage. The loads are all
protected by circuit breakers which are configured with
an A-B redundant 48 volt input bus for high reliability.
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Newmar DC Power Onboard and Powering the Network
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