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Some of the stars of the Flingers show... :-) 
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Ahhh...the delicious classic skillet cookie, the headliner in our forthcoming suite of Craft Cookies. A quarter-pound of fresh, skillet-baked chocolate chip cookie dough served with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, glazed with chocolate ganache & topped with whipped cream and cherries. 

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On opening day, we unveiled Project Pie: our top secret scheme to personify our craft pizzas by giving them each their own identity. If you've been in the restaurant or seen the menus, you've already been introduced to the full new suite of Flingers Craft Characters... meet the man behind the canvas: ISU student and artist, Alex Zarek.

In our sit-down, Alex (Alex Zarek Art & Design) talks about his approach, discusses a few of his favorites, and shares his thoughts on the overall project concept.

Take a listen. And for more on Alex, visit him at

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Project Pie has been our yearlong, top secret effort to personify each of our craft pizzas by giving them their own identity. 

It was conceived a couple years ago as we were looking through the old menu and realized that some of our existing pizza names actually sounded like people. For instance, the SuperFreak, or the Diva, or the Samoan. We imagined what it would be like to personify each of those pizzas, but the idea never really got off the ground.

Then during the re-opening process, Pat decided to change the Flingers slogan to "craft pizza. craft beer"....and that's when the lightbulb went off. 

Brewers like 3 Floyds don't just slap boring names and labels on their beer; they develop cool names and custom artwork for each one. Ben & Jerry's is the same way. They don't simply call their ice cream chocolate & vanilla; they come up with fun names like Cherry Garcia and Colbert's Americone Dream to give their products a unique identity. 

Well, we don't make ice cream and we don't brew beer, but we do make pizza. And beyond that, Pat had already decided to call it "craft" pizza. So..... 

We said, what if we applied the 3 Floyds, Ben & Jerry's idea to our craft pizzas and gave them each their own personification, their own identity? 

And that's what we did. We commissioned a young, talented, local artist named Alex Zarek (more on him in upcoming videos) and let his imagination run wild. The result is 16 pieces of art which represent the initial identity of the Flingers Craft Characters. 

So when you come in and see all the artwork on the walls and in the menus, the short answer is that we wanted to give our products a fun identity and create a craft character for each craft pizza. 

It's Project Pie!

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You’ve seen us talking a lot about “craft pizza” and “craft beer.” There’s much craft talk. Craft craft craft. We’re crafting a craft for all you Crafty McCraftersons out there.

But what’s that mean? What’s all this craft stuff about?

Watch this vid as Pat (briefly) explains it. You probably didn’t realize how many red pizza logos there are until you see them all at once in this video. RED MUCH?

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You're ready for the Flingers grand re-opening on Wednesday, right?!

Well, to make you even MORE ready, we'll be rolling out a series of short videos over the next couple days. The hope is that by the time you get here, you'll feel like you've already been here.

In this vid, Pat talks a little bit about what's the same...and what's different at the new Flingers. Take a listen and respect the cliffhanger at the end. lol...

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No more secrets. No more guessing. No more wondering. It's been a long time, and we're ready to invite you back home. So shout it from the rooftops:


Listen to the vid for more details and a special message from Pat. Plus it. Share it. Spread the news.

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Hey everyone! We can now fill you in on what's been happening over the last several weeks, as well as share an updated timeline.

We'll spare you the details, but there were some unexpected hurdles in the planning and permitting process, and that phase ended-up taking a LOT longer than originally projected. So while we had optimistically hoped for a Spring opening, it's looking like late-Summer is a better target. 

The good news is...interior demolition is finished, we've received our permit from the City, and now we can continue making progress on the total transformation of this building! Our scope is MUCH broader than a standard remodel. We're increasing the total square footage by 40%, putting in all new electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Essentially, we're turning the existing place into a shell, adding a new shell, and then re-building the inside from scratch. In the end, it'll be the perfect setting for craft pizza and craft beer.

Along the way, we'll be posting pics and vids so you can follow along with the progress, so stay tuned for much more frequent updates. Thank you for your patience, and now that things are happening, they'll happen fast!

It'll be late-Summer before you know it. :-) 
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