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XmlToolBox - a timesaver when working with xml.
XmlToolBox - a timesaver when working with xml.


Just started changing the layout to be mobile friendly on Not because it is being used on mobiles but because google has moved the page away from the top because it isnt mobile friendly.
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In the XmlToolBox Chrome App I just added a new feature. You can search for the content in the xml field. All results found are highlighted and to jump between the results use ctrl+alt + up or down arrow. Id like to animate the scroll to make it more user friendly but I got a request to improve the stylesheet used when I highlight the xml. So far I have one user so why not make that guy happy =)
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Hello good people.
Just released a XmlToolBox chrome app. So far the app has one feature. It can format xml =). More will come later. Right now Im working on adding a search feature which will work like searchfield in the online tool... Just to help the user find certain content in the xml. 
Enjoy the rest of your sunday =)
Ole Bille.
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If you need a xpath evaluator for gwt. Take a look at I just started using it and it seems to work just fine. I switched because the old evaluator I used didnt support namespaces.
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Just fixed a few bugs on the Xpath Evaluator page. 
1. Xmls/xpaths using namespaces didnt work.
2. When tabbing out of the xpath field one slash was sometimes removed.
Both errors are fixed.
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Im currently working on an offline version of the xmltoolbox. If you have any ideas to better the features from xmltoolbox then please let me know.
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Banners was added. 
I have put banners on the page and Im hoping it will generate enough income to cover the expenses I have by running this site. Since I have a lot of page views I considered to use a cpm (click per thousand views) advertiser but the pay is really low, like half a dollar per thousand views and sometimes less. Ill try adwords and see how it goes. Ill keep you posted.
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I forgot to renew the domain for xmltoolbox before we went on vacation and when I came back the site had been down for almost three weeks. I learned a little by this.
It appears that once your domain expires it changes state to "Redemption period" this means the domain is removed from the dns registry but it is still reserved for the original owner. The downside is that it costs 125$ to redeem it. Or if you have balls of steel you can just wait until it is deleted and try to purchase it again before anyone else gets it.
But now the domain has been renewed and the page is back online and Im sorry for the downtime.
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The most used feature of XmlToolBox is the "Format xml" feature on the front page. It was made because I needed an xml formatter. The formatter pretty prints the xml clientside. This has its benefits. 
1. You will know for certain that no one will intercept the xml you format  
2. The response time is fast.
3. My backend saves alot of cpu =).

Another populer feature is the xpath generator. Its easy to use. 
1. Paste your xml in the formatter field.
2. Place your cursor in the field you need an xpath generated for.
3. The xpath is generated and shown below the big field.
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