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Vanessa Jones
Co-owner of Veedesign and Dental Media Ltd
Co-owner of Veedesign and Dental Media Ltd


2 new website jobs booked since return from holidays. No summer slow down here fortunately.

Back after a lovely holiday in Mallorca. Puerto Pollensa, beautiful location at the end of the Pine Walk. As usual went too fast but now back to it!

New staff induction day today. Lots to learn!

Team holidays approaching - the juggling begins! Well practiced though.

#Tesla Model 3 launch party later today - will be catching up later with the online stream. 8.45 pm Pacific Time so early hours for UK peeps.

Latest #Google algorithm changes seem to be letting the spammers back in. Kinda like we stepped back 5 years. Come on guys, sort it out!

Looking a lot like Autumn out there today. Rain, grey skies and pretty chilly. Weird weather again.

Graduation day for my son today. New dress and sneaky time out! Camera at the ready. Then out to celebrate his first class honours. Proud mum.

Server upgrades tonight, plus a new cloud migration. Exciting. Easier management for us, faster for our clients.

New fast fibre Internet now confirmed up and running in our second office in Burton. CCTV next!
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