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I wade a cider... my first one. I made it with what I had handy -- Safale US-05. I've read that people had success making cider with it, so I decided to give it a try. I let it ferment for two weeks in a single fermentor (decided not to do the secondary... because I didn't have anything handy). I've read that people had it ferment all the way down to FG of 1.000 (or even 0.999), but me not being experienced with ciders, I didn't check the FG before bottling, and after I bottled, had a bit left and when I tasted, it tasted very nice, but unexpectedly too sweet for something that I was expecting to be bone dry... so I checked with a refractometer (not enough for a hydrometer), it it's at 1.015 (OG 1.045)!!! So now I'm panicking... will I have a bottle bomb?? I also added those carbonation tablets (4 grams of some sugar mix).

Now I'm reading bout Safale US-05 and it says that "final gravity is medium"... so is 1.015 FG reasonable here? Ideas?

I'm trying out a new 2G plastic bucket fermenter... 3 days after I pitched the yeast there is no airlock activity... zero, zip, zilch, nada.

My first suspicion is that there's something wrong with the yeast. I did not do a starter or rehydrate it, instructions say to just pitch it into wort, it's Safale US-05, always worked just fine. So I peeked inside, there seems to be fermentation happening inside: there's a krausen, smell of fermentation, hard to say how healthy -- I'm used to seeing it through the side of a glass carboy.

The next suspicion is that the bucket is not airtight. I can't see anywhere where it could leak that badly -- if I press on the lid, the airlock starts to bubble, so there's nothing majorly wrong with the airlock itself.

I'm leaning towards bad yeast... what do you think?

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After racking to secondary the layer at the top appears to be much darker.

For context: this is an experimental 1 gallon batch where I pitched sourdough starter, so there are other bacteria other than yeast which might be doing something interesting due to oxygen getting introduced during racking.

What do you think?

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+The Olympic Games... is a great ancient tradition that brings world's greatest athletes together. It's great watching those athletes compete with each other, show off their strength and weaknesses and it's fun to watch favorites miserably fail and underdogs triumphantly win. Sadly, watching Olympics in our house we will not be this year. Not that we don't want to, we do, really-really do, but a mere technicality -- we don't have cable television in our house. It's a lifestyle choice.  

Yesterday, on the day of the opening ceremonies I went to +YouTube  because that's where I heard all of the olympics would be streamed. Apparently that's true, but not in the US. +NBC happens to have exclusive broadcast rights in the US and all of it is streamed via +NBC Olympics website. Okay I say, no problem, streaming is streaming, I don't care what website that is. So I go to the NBC's website and it asks me to login to watch. I didn't have NBC account, but I can quickly create one, but no, it's not NBC account that they want, but my cable provider's account. OK, no problem, I have internet service with +Comcast and I franticly create an online account at Comcast, I enter it on NBC's website and it says "Sorry, but you don't have cable TV service with Comcast". No I don't.

So I think about it and think that if I just pay $30 for basic cable TV then they will let me in. So I try to navigate Comcast's website, looking for a basic cable options and they are trying to sell me TV, internet, phone bundles... so finally I found it, added it to my cart and trying to complete registration/activation online when I ran into some issues and had to talk to an agent. That's when it turned out that basic cable is not sufficient to be able to access NBC Olympics website, I needed Digital Starter Package for $70. 

WTH?! WHY?! Basic Cable includes NBC!

I calm myself... Well I say, I love Olympics so much that I'm willing to pay $70 for a month of digital TV service which I'll cancel afterwards, so I tell the agent to proceed. I'll skip the part where adding TV was affecting my current Internet service, but by the time we sorted that out I was ready to give up. So then the agent asks when I would like to schedule the technician to come out and hook up the TV for a low-low price of $40. WAIT!!! I just want to watch it online! I don't want to hook up TV in my house! But no the agent says, they must send out a technician because otherwise the service will not be activated. That's it! Forget it!

I'm not blaming Comcast, even though they are the center of my current frustration, but it's understandable from their end, they sell TV service. I'm blaming the NBC's business model. If they want money for Olympic streaming (it cost them a lot of money to get exclusive rights), just let me pay for it, don't make me buy unrelated stupid service that I don't need nor want!

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For all the Dr. Who fans. Relax!!!!!!!

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