Good article by +AJ Kohn, and fully agree about how the focus on the long click and reduce the lack of diversity could help to satisfy the user in the short term, but in the long-term lead users to going to the brand showing up instead of Google. Oops.

Edit: To add to this thought, I think of it as going to a downtown. If all you have are major brands in the results, you stop going. If the results are all too esoteric, you may not enjoy that either. Thus, Google has to walk a fine line to provide both kinds of results in order for users to continue to use Google for long-term satisfaction.

One quibble:

Two problems present themselves with pogosticking. The first is that it’s impossible for sites to measure this metric.

Not impossible, just costly; you can run a test for users to search as they would on Google for set terms to learn more about your site versus others.
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