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Cheryl Chancellor
Lost on the other side of the looking-glass
Lost on the other side of the looking-glass


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This review of the Firefly board game sounds promising!

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Great tips for writers about keeping your work compelling.

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Good tips to improve your creative writing!

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Readers and writers: check out this Kickstarter for an upcoming anthology of fantasy fiction!

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Fact or Fiction: #WorldWaterDay2013

Fact: 85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet.

Fiction: To help highlight the importance of World Water Day, the amazing writers of the #FlashFictionProject have created some brand new works of flash fiction for your reading pleasure.

Please consider sharing this post, both to promote the writer below and to encourage your friends to learn more about World Water Day
Wash by +Cheryl Chancellor 
Bev and I had the water discussion again this morning. It seems like we have it every week now. I keep telling her she doesn't need to do laundry every day, and she sure doesn't need to set the machine on “super load.” Or triple-rinse.
If there was a way to disable the super load setting, I'd do it.
Bev can't wrap her head around the idea of a water shortage. The city is under restrictions for the summer – no watering the yard on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday.
Bev gets mad when I tell her she can't water the plants every day.
I think of Bev's mother, how extreme she was in her late years. I wonder if that's where Bev's heading.
I hear water running long enough that I go to the kitchen to investigate. The tap is wide open and Bev is across the room, digging through the fridge's vegetable bin.
I picture my mother-in-law washing her hands, lathering them over and over while the water runs and runs.
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