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Gabriel Linusson
A ordinarey guy (lol no) form Sweden that proabably has some kind of Dyslexiesya.
A ordinarey guy (lol no) form Sweden that proabably has some kind of Dyslexiesya.


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Wich one would be faster and what do you guys prefer? I will be running GNOME.
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Hello! I was wondering if theres a mini iso for Fedora like there is for Ubuntu? Dosent really have to be Fedora, i just want DNF and choose exactly what to install like Ubuntu mini Iso. Thanks

Anyone thats good with Photoshop/Gimp that wants to help me with a picture?
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Hello! I just reacently got my School computer with BIOS that arent locked. So it just screams dualboot lol. Anyways, I want to know if there are any tools that I can backup the whole drive with. In case they try to charge me money cuz i have "broken the computer" by installing Linux.

I have heard that it can be done with "dd"? Like,

dd if=/dev/sdx of=backup.img

Or something like that. Or do you guys know any other way. Please comment.


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Hello everyone! I fucked up!

To make it short, I was looking for H2OS for my OP3 and came across this

And i thought "This looks good", so i downloaded everything and began flashing. But it was after I flashed this

That i recongnize that i have flashed OP2 firmware... and the strange thing is that TWRP didn't give any errors. It went on as usual except that now i have a completly dead OP3.

so to sum it up;
*I have flashed OP2 FIRMWARE to a OP3
*It is hardbricked and is completley unresponsive. can't boot Fastboot or Recovery mode. It wont even light up if plugged into charger.

I guess my only save is to use a USB Jig. Or get it covered under warranty?

If anyone have any suggestions. Pleas tell them. Also, I am NOT a noob. (although it maybe was a noob mistake. but you have to admit, it is quite hard to tell what device the thread is for). Also, I am running Linux. and have W10 if thats to any help.

Thanks in advance!

It just amazes me how people can download someones work and reupload and not even credit the original creator..... It dosent matter what it is. GIVE CREDIT OR GTFO
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R.I.P my Bacon.
it was fun flashing with you.
but i think its time to move on.
i kinda want to get a smaller one (if u know what I'm saying).
So anyone know a good phone for like 10$? Cuz that's like what i have right now lol. No but seriously. Someone knows of a good budget phone in the 100$ range? Only i demand is 4.8-5.2 inch screen and be faster then the potato i have to use now (an SGY GT-S6310N). Thanks in advance!

I kinda thinking of a Moto E...
Or some other China Phone maybe?

what was that 4$ phone called now again? that Indian phone? lol.

I'm gonna miss RR <3
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Is there anyone Building with Fedora? If so, is there a faster way to get all the dependencies without having to goto rpmfind and download and install like 100 libs manually.. Its taking quite a while lol.

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Lol, this is fun...

Make your OPO render 4K, enter this in terminal as superuser

wm size 2160x3840 && wm density 806
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