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Steve Birkinshaw
Ultra Mountain Runner
Ultra Mountain Runner

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There is No Map in Hell
I am very excited that the book that I have been working on
for the last couple of years will be published by Vertebrate in early May.  The first half is an autobiography focusing on the
importance of running in my life and a description of some important r...

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Ups and Downs
I was warned. Friends who have also had chronic fatigue told
me that as I recovered there would be a general upwards path but I would have
some downs on the way. That is exactly what has happened. I competed in the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon – formally...

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Picking up Litter
Here is a link to an article I have written for Berghaus about how I have started collecting litter when out for a walk or a run. It is a real shame that I and others need to.

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Back to racing – but is it too soon?
I am lying in a bed in a hospital ward at the Cumberland Infirmary
in Carlisle with the world’s loudest snorer on one side of me and a guy with
pneumonia on the other. I thought I was recovering from my fatigue so why am I
lying here? For the last year I ha...

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Mountain Marathon Tips
Here is a link to article I have written for Berghaus on Tips to succeed at a Mountain Marathon. A lot of them based on mistakes I have made. They are probably mostly
fairly obvious but hopefully people will find them useful.

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I have never been patient; I really hate waiting for things.
But now I have to learn to be patient. My Chronic Fatigue is gradually improving
but my full recovery will take a long time. I now hardly ever feel dizzy and my
heart beat seems to be back to stea...

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Am I starting to Recover?
This is the question I keep asking myself. Is my tiredness
getting better or worse? Strangely I do not know the answer. I have some good
days and some bad days. Sometimes I am really optimistic and then the next day
my optimism vanishes.   Some symptoms are...

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Tiredness Update
This blog is an update in how I am feeling. I have not written it as I feel sorry for myself; I have written it for two reasons. Firstly, I hope it is useful or interesting for other people who have been through or will go through similar experiences. Secon...
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