Hero Kids. TLDR: It was good.

This is a first on many fronts:
First time I have GM'd in 25 years. First time I have RPG'd in 25 years. First time my kids have ever played pencil-and-dice RPG.

Players: 10 yo Girl played a Rogue. 6yo boy played a Knight. Mum played healer so the kids could take the battle focus.

Comments: We played the very simple and enjoyable first scenario Basement O' Rats and it was a great introductory setting for both me and them to get into the swing of things. The professionalism of the presentation of the scenarios was a major contributor: good maps, good environment descriptions targetted for the kids amusement (they didn't believe me that the text actually read "and the whole place smells like a giant rat’s toilet." and I had to show them.)

Minor balance issues:
The Knight seemed both underpowered and indestructible with 3 dice of armour - looking to test this in a more advanced scenario.
The Healer, with 2 dice of Searing Light, killed almost every rat she attacked, which is a bit of downer for the kids who only had 1 dice of attack. We made the Healer (Mum) always attack last, and always healed instead of attacking, if that was an option.

PROs: All good, however I reduced the number of rats. Being the first game, the gameplay was a little slow and we ended up taking almost 2 hrs.

CONs: These aren't really cons, more just things I had to deal with:
- Should I reroll initiative at the commencement of each turn? This was relevant because it could seem that the wording of some abilities make them  conditional on whether or not the player had been attacked this turn or not. e.g. The Knight's Strikeback Special attack which reads: If an enemy has attacked you since your last turn, you can attack that enemy with 1 extra dice. If heroes gained first initiative at the start of a battle, and that initiative is maintained through every turn of the battle, then it might seem that this attack can never be used. The difference though is interpretation of "since your last turn" as opposed to "since the last turn." We played the rule to be the former rather than the latter.

- Should I roll for player attack/move order during the turn, or should I let the players decide, or should all attack be considered simultaneous? This question arose when considering the Warrior Bonus ability Teamwork: Gain 1 extra dice to attacks against targets than an ally attacked since your last turn.

How did I deal with these: Hey, we're playing with kids! We winged it and just used abilities when it seemed appropriate and I frequently manoeuvred bad rats into convenient positions for the hero's to inflict maximum fun damage.

1. Create some example clarifications on how to treat scenarios above.
2. Clarify the Ability Test (p.15) - it's not clear on initial reading that a number has to be rolled higher than one of the difficulty numbers (4,5, or 6), or if it's meant to be equal-to or higher, or just higher.
3. Create scenario PDFs, especially maps and character sheets, that don't have background shading. Printing all that yellow background was murder on my ink cartridges.

Conclusions: We can't wait to play the next scenario!
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